What’s in a Peruvian sandwich? This Tampa food truck has the answer

TAMPA — What makes a really good Peruvian sandwich?

At Meanchi’s, a Peruvian-inspired food truck in Tampa, owner Josh Varon seems to have found the answer.

For him, it’s a combination of things. First, it’s about tradition — giving indigenous ingredients and recipes the attention they deserve. But it’s also about adopting a contemporary, fast-casual mindset: taking risks and thinking outside the box.

His best-selling Chicharron sandwich ($11) makes a pretty compelling argument for both. Instead of the traditional pork belly, Varon swaps in roasted, fried pork shoulder and pairs it with thick planks of fried sweet potatoes, a zingy salsa criolla made with red wine vinegar-pickled onions and aji amarillo peppers. It’s served on a fluffy white French roll (sourced from the nearby bakery at Greek restaurant Psomi) and features a striking combination of textures and flavors: Smoky hunks of pork get a nice zap from the bright,

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Food Truck Fest sets dates for Columbia SC convention center

Families in Columbia who can’t make a unanimous decision on what to eat need look no further than the 25 food truck spread at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center’s second annual Food Truck Fest on Sept. 12.

The event, which will also have a series of entertainment acts, will go on from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. In addition to food trucks, the event will also highlight small businesses in the area and give shoppers the chance to meet the people behind the products.

The Food Truck Fest is free to enter and boasts myriad fun activities for adults and kids including a bounce house, airbrush tattoos, painting, massages and balloon animals. Only service animals are allowed inside the event, according to its Facebook page.

Here are a few of the food truck options that you can expect to see at the event.

Tru Jerk Jamaica

This Jamaican food truck

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Doggy Style hot dog food truck in Springfield gets weird with toppings

A revamped food truck that serves many different types of hot dogs is gaining popularity in Springfield.

Owners Jeremy and Tambera Mathis opened the new “Doggy Style” food truck in mid-April. Doggy Style has traditional hot dogs, but it is really known for loading hot dogs with crazy toppings.

Jeremy Mathis has 20 years of restaurant management experience. He said he jumped at the opportunity to buy the Doggy Style food truck when he saw it for sale back in February. He then put his own twist on the menu.

Doggy Style serves many different hot dogs that are named after dog breeds, but here are some that are the most popular: the K9 is topped with bacon crumbles, jalapenos, cream cheese and pepper jack cheese; and the Beagle comes with peanut butter, grape jelly and bacon crumbles.

More:New Cuban restaurant La Habana Vieja gains buzz in Springfield


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Meet the Asian American chef behind Huntsville’s hottest food truck

Prepare to have your perception of hotdogs remixed and elevated. The tubular processed meat is primarily associated with dadbod summer cookout fare, and beer-absorbing ballast at stadium sports and arena concerts. In Albert Toh’s hands though, the hotdog is a vessel of culinary creativity and vision. And f—ing delicious.

Toh is the owner and chef behind New South Hotdog & Sushi, Huntsville’s hottest food truck. By transposing sushi’s flash presentation and vibrant supporting ingredients to hotdogs, plus offering well-executed sushi rolls too, New South does what the best food trucks tend to do: Give punters tasty and interesting food that no one else (or at least no one else in that market) does.

At local events they work, New South often commands camping-out-for-Stones-tickets-in-’89 length queues. Such was the case at Panoply Festival of the Arts back in April. Alas, other work stuff beckoned. A few weeks later, I

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