Korean street food and house-brewed soju coming to Westport

Chingu, a new Westport spot from the team behind Sura eats, will combine Korean street food and soju brewed and distilled for the house.

Chef and co-owner Keeyoung Kim says that for the Sura Eats team, which operates a popular stall at the Parlor food hall in the Crossroads, the full-service Chingu has “been our vision from the get-go.” 

“As soon as people enter we want them to be transported to a place,” he says. “We want our guests to feel like friends who have been invited to our home. We know some of the flavors will be unfamiliar. After we’ve built trust, we can start exploring more crazy menu items that are near and dear to our hearts.”

Chingu’s concept is “anju,” with literally translates to “food with drink” and involves a lively atmosphere that will fit in well in Westport, where it’s taking over the former Wingman Kitchen

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