Iowa pizzeria serves up breakfast pizza with Froot Loops and cheese

Remember when pineapple was one of the most controversial pizza toppings?

Fong’s Pizza, a pizzeria based in Iowa, is now gaining attention for its most recent addition to the breakfast menu: a Froot Loops pizza.

The pizza, which is listed as “Loopy Fruits Pizza” on their menu, consists of a sweet cream cheese sauce base topped with mozzarella and, of course, a layer of Froot Loops along with a drizzle of Greek yogurt and condensed milk.

The pizza, which is now a permanent pie at the Forest Avenue location of Fong’s Pizza, has become a controversial topic on social media. Much like Villa Italian Kitchen’s pumpkin spice pizza in and Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli’s dill pickle pizza, people are perplexed by the combination of pizza and the sugary breakfast cereal.

After the Des Moines Register shared an article last week about the pizza and tweeted it out,

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Why you should be eating biscuit pizza, an endlessly versatile and crowd pleasing food with soul

Karter Louis wants us to remember where American food came from, and he feels the route there is on a biscuit. Specifically, a Soul Slice biscuit pizza, the San Francisco by way of Louisville restaurateur’s latest venture. 

This is not, he hastens to note, to be confused with Italian pizza (another American creation as we know the dish, he would add). No. This is a straight-up biscuit crust, a most American of ingredients, topped with soul food. Because, he says, “the landscape of traditional American cuisine is based on soul food.” 

So let’s start by calling it what it is: People talk about southern food and comfort food, Karter says. “Say soul food. No one will say soul food. Why can’t you say soul food?”

“Southern food is just hijacked soul food in a lot of cases,” he points out. As for comfort food, well, that’s different for everyone

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pizza, cookie dough and chips

Who’s ready for summer? Follow along with our “Summer Slim Down” series, which launched last week, to help you refresh your wellness routine. This week, we’re tackling one very important topic: cravings! We asked you at home what foods you’ve been dreaming about during quarantine and based on your (overwhelming amount of) responses, I’ve health-ified and lightened up a few super-popular requests: Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Potato Chips and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Trust me, these lighter renditions will not disappoint!

Joy Bauer
Joy Bauer

If you have a love affair with barbecue chicken pizza, you are going to flip for this perfect pie. This recipe has all the classic saucy and cheesy flavors you crave piled on top of a cracker-like thin crust. It’s an absolute breeze to make, it’s super light (go ahead and enjoy two pies if you want) and requires only a few simple ingredients.

Get the recipe here

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