Aspen Club, the storied tennis and fitness club that has been a magnet for celebrities and sports stars since the 1970s, has been acquired by Meriwether Companies in partnership with Revere Capital and Fireside investments. The fate of the property had been uncertain after its recent bankruptcy and foreclosure, but the post-pandemic world that awaits clearly offers growth opportunities.

The five-acre mixed-use development, with 144,248-square-feet of indoor space, will once again become the new ground zero for Aspen’s social and athletic communities — but the new incarnation will also be a culinary and wellness destination.

Its location along the Roaring Fork River, with unparalleled views of the valley and Aspen Mountain, is a short stroll from downtown. And while locals will be happy to have the highest-level club experience, the resort will also have 20 three- and four-bedroom serviced residences, a category previously missing for visitors who are looking for luxury accommodations. The property’s two main features will come together in programs that offer cutting-edge fitness instruction and equipment.

Garrett Simon, Partner at Meriwether Companies, says, “While this is a partially complete project, we will look at Aspen Club with a fresh lens to ensure a world-renowned experience curated for the sophisticated Aspen clientele.”

Meriwether is a private real estate investment and development firm focused on resort master plans, hospitality, and commercial development. The company is currently working on Coral Mountain in La Quinta, California and has recently completed Transfer Telluride in Colorado and The Shores in Breckenridge, Colorado.

At Aspen Club — which may or may not retain its original name — food and beverage offerings will be a pillar of the club, including revolving chefs for a unique and evolving culinary scene. Says Simon, “We’re already putting the team in place and will soon reveal exciting plans for dining venues, which were never a main focus of the original property.”

In its heyday, Aspen Club was where tennis stars King, Evert, Navratilova, McEnroe, Borg, and others played famous matches, rubbing elbows with Ted Kennedy, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Reeve, and other luminaries.

The new resort and club will place a greater emphasis on wellness beyond mere fitness. At the center of this vision is world-class programs that are inclusive. Simon explains, “We want Aspen Club to be used. We are excited about the opportunity to bring together the local community along with vacation-home owners and travelers. Exclusivity can be lonely.”

Permits were maintained throughout the legal proceedings, so the plan is to work with city officials to resume construction in early summer. Stay tuned for updates as this exciting project unfolds.