Restaurant review: China Bistro near Ocean Springs MS


The beef lo mein at China Bistro in St. Martin.

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The China Bistro in Ocean Springs is just the kind of locally owned and managed business that we all should patronize.

It is a family business that’s been around for more than ten years and has a strong following of customers that speak very highly of the food and service. The food is good enough that some customers come twice a week, and everyone comments on the freshness and taste of the food.

The menu is a classic combination of regional Chinese dishes and famous Chinese-American favorites. Some folks look down on Chinese American foods as not being authentic, but what innovative Chinese cooks developed over the years is nothing more than an adaptation to American tastes, and to dismiss them is just silly. Who looks down on spaghetti and meatballs, the classic

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Chinese restaurant to open near ‘mini Klyde Warren Park’ in Far North Dallas

Restaurateur Howard Wang plans to open a Chinese restaurant in spring 2022 at Hillcrest Village, a growing foodie zone in Far North Dallas.

The restaurant will look out over a $4.3 million green space and a playground on Arapaho Road that’s been called a “mini Klyde Warren Park.” A lackluster shopping center has been replaced with family-friendly restaurants like Haystack Burgers, Andy’s Frozen Custard and Haute Sweets Patisserie. Don Pepe’s Rancho Mexican Grill is one of the newest restaurants nearby. Its opening in late 2021 was welcome news for neighbors, many who had eaten at owner Jose Jaimes’ Tex-Mex restaurants in the area since 1985.

By April 2022, a Cane Rosso pizza joint is expected to open at Hillcrest Village as well.

Shelby Presser, left, and Terri Hankins enjoy a pair of beverages after having lunch at Lada, the only open restaurant — so far — facing the park at Hillcrest Village in Far North Dallas. In 2021, the area behind the tree will become a 1.5-acre green space with a half-dozen restaurants with patios.

Howard Wang’s is a family-owned business named for its patriarch, who is Chinese but was born in Korea. The first Howard Wang’s opened in Preston Hollow in

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Restaurants to book and order from for your reunion

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In Chinese culture, the annual reunion dinner is an all-important event where family and friends gather for a feast that signifies joy, bond and togetherness. Often, the festive spread consists of lavish, auspicious ingredients (read: not your everyday food) that are not just rich in flavours but also in symbolic meanings. Seafood and chicken, for example, are must-haves to signify abundance. With the city’s best Chinese restaurants offering a sumptuous array of set menus, there’s absolutely no need to do grocery shopping or labour over a stove to have a great meal with your loved ones – unless you want to, of course. Prefer to stay in? Check out the takeaway options offered at these establishments for meaningful dishes and yu sheng you can enjoy at home.

Here are our picks of reunion set menus to book this Chinese New Year:

Capella Singapore


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The London restaurant where people queue outside the door for its traditional Colombian food

London is a hub of diversity where you can find nearly every type of cuisine, but one restaurant stands out when it comes to authentic Colombian food.

El Rancho De Lalo in Brixton has queues of customers outside its door on its busiest days, waiting in line for the traditional flavours.

The restaurant which opened in 2010 has a new menu every day alongside the permanent a-la-carte menu, so customers can expect a variety of dishes from South America.

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El Rancho De Lalo's menu has maintained traditional flavours created by head chef Mercedes Jacho

© Facundo Arrizabalaga/My London
El Rancho De Lalo’s menu has maintained traditional flavours created by head chef Mercedes Jacho

Executive head chef, Luis Sebastian Zuluaga, spoke to MyLondon about the menu and how his and the owner’s Colombian heritage is represented through the flavours.

He said the reason the restaurant is popular is

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