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The road to becoming a chef is long and winding.  How to become a chef is answered with countless hours of hard work to sharpen the knowledge and skills needed to reach the pinnacle of the profession.

Being a successful sports bar restaurant chef is not far different—doing more than simply cooking but being ready to show the skill, beauty, and stress that goes into making a quality dish for your hungry customers.

What Does it Take to Be a Sports Bar Restaurant Chef?

More than strict educational or training requirements to become a successful sports bar restaurant chef, you will have an impeccable desire and learn to do more than cook but to tailor your life to a culinary dream. This means, you should be willing to work —and that is, to work really hard and be prepared to be exhausted.

Experts agree of these three things that you need to be a successful restaurant chef:


One important character that you should have if you want to get ahead in this competitive industry is being dedicated, passionate, and driven. Take to heart what Chef Emil, a Culinary Arts director, said: “ Being a chef is tough and demanding both physically and mentally so if you don’t love it, there is no point!”

You have to be ready to dedicate long hours to crafting your skill and creativity. There will be moments when you will have to learn from experimenting with different ingredients and flavors in creating a new recipe that will be your signature dish for the restaurant.

Culinary Training

A solid grounding and a good foundation are essential in your journey to becoming a chef.  Consider these steps that you may need to make to become a sports bar restaurant chef:

  • Know how the work being done in the kitchen and in the restaurant

Learning how to become one of the best chefs can start with finding a job in a restaurant kitchen that might include doing mundane things.

This still matters a lot because your exposure to the professionals is crucial in your learning. The time toiling in the trenches of kitchen duty will let you really know if being a sports bar restaurant chef is what you really want to do.

Chef Esteban Jimenez describes this when he said, “Wash dishes and work your way up to prep cook. If you still have the desire, get on the saute line. If you still have passion after that, then consider going to school. You really can get beat up on the saute line, and if you’re working that line and you can’t picture yourself doing anything else, that’s when it lies true.”

  • Get a high school diploma

Earn this very important diploma because it will be required if you plan to move on to culinary school. A high school diploma can also reflect your character of sticking with a dream and completing it—a character that is often preferred by employers.

  • Culinary Schooling

Formal education is not a requirement to become a chef, but it can increase your knowledge and hone your skills as you go through the program. You will be required to take one to four years, depending on the program you choose.

A culinary degree can help you learn specialized knowledge and skills. You can also be offered more opportunities and quickly earn positions with greater responsibilities.

You can expect to learn these courses under a culinary certificate, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree program:

  • Baking
  • Culinary skills
  • Food Science
  • International Foods
  • Food Safety
  • Food procurement
  • Table Service
  • French Cuisine
  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Obtain Work Experience

If you want to heighten your skills to become a sports bar restaurant chef, you will need a great deal of experience. Culinary schooling will not guarantee you work as a chef right after graduation. You will need additional training under the tutelage of a professional chef. This will help you gain additional knowledge and skills needed to be a chef such as:

  • Creativity
  • Strong work ethic
  • Physical endurance
  • Manual dexterity
  • Use of specialized tools and equipment


Before you become an award-winning sports bar restaurant chef, it is not a secret that you are going to make hundreds of mistakes that you will learn from. It will take a while and an enormous amount of hard work to get to the peak, so be patient.

If You Truly Love Cooking, Stick With It

Being a great sports bar restaurant chef will not take overnight. It may take time, but it will be worth the effort and stress. Your learning and mastering of techniques, skills, and knowledge needed to be successful in your profession will not end because people’s appetites are always evolving as well.

So if you truly love cooking, stick with it. As long as there is food to be served, sports games to watch, and people get hungry, a sports bar restaurant chef will always be needed.