Soaring meat prices a tough sell for barbecue pitmasters

“Sorry, ma’am. We’re already out of the burnt ends,” Barbosa, owner of the mobile barbecue trailer Barbosa’s Barbeque, tells the patron standing out front of his trailer-turned-small business. “They were really popular today and we had a big order.”

Selling out of meat is nothing new for the native-Texan who moved to Denver in 2019 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the nineteen months he’s served smoked meats around town, Barbosa has quickly drawn rave reviews from those craving craft barbecue. They routinely line up to devour his signature beef brisket, homemade sausages, and moist smoked turkey breast that he may, or may not, dip in a little melted butter before serving.

“Poultry and butter go great together,” Barbosa quips.

Moments of levity have been rarer for Barbosa and other pitmasters across the country this year. They’ve seen the cost of their menu staples: beef, pork and poultry steadily increase

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The Future of Brunch Is in Asia

When Mai Bach opened her restaurant in Taiwan in 2013, she noticed a peculiar pattern among her guests. “We started having people come in and order a bunch of food and take photos, but they didn’t eat any of it,” says Bach, who co-owns Ooh Cha Cha, a vegan eatery in Taipei. Bach eventually had to speak with some of her customers about the massive food waste their habits were generating, but their insistence on taking photographs of their food and posting it on Instagram stuck with her. When designing her second location in 2017, she kept aesthetics top of mind, not only for the space but for the menu.

“We put unique things on the walls and used the best lights. We even launched a brunch plate,” she says. On the walls: a neon sign, vegetation hanging from the lights, and tropical foliage wallpaper. And on the plate:

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Soul Bowl opens new location in Richfield

The Minneapolis favorite is coming south of the cities to bring soul food classics to Richfield.

RICHFIELD, Minn. — Minneapolis is known for good eats, and Soul Bowl in the North Loop is no exception.

Fans of the popular restaurant rave about the food having the perfect twist.

“One of those things would be using Chinese 5 Spice in the candied yams sauce. That may not be something that’s traditional for people, but flavor-wise it makes perfect sense and tastes amazing,” said owner Gerard Klass.

Klass says serving the Minneapolis community for the past two years has been a treat, but fans of their soul food come from all over the metro. That’s why they’ve expanded and set up shop in Richfield.

“We know it can be a trek, and some people don’t like to deal with the hustle and bustle of downtown,” said Klass.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood,

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