Readers seek Chinese, Hmong, African and more

Oct. 12—It’s time once again to answer all readers’ burning questions about restaurants.

This go-round, as venues re-open, we have queries about where to eat before events — I never thought I’d miss that question so much! But also readers looking for good Chinese restaurants, Hmong food and more.

As always, send your questions to [email protected] I’ll do my best to answer.

Q. We used to eat out in St. Paul all the time and knew all the hot spots. Nowadays, Not so much. We have tickets for the upcoming SPCO season and all the performances are at the Ordway. Since we like to go out for dinner beforehand, we like a few suggestions on what’s good within walking distance of the theatre and if possible keep it to, say 2 $s.

A. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of restaurants that fit that bill — and pandemic closures have made

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