21 Predictions For 2021 From Tampa Bays Business And Group Leaders

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Community welcomes back Jahunger, New England’s first Uighur restaurant, after two-year hiatus

The Chinese idiom, 麻雀虽小, 五脏俱全, Má què suī xiǎo, wǔ zàng jù quán, translates to: Despite its small size, a sparrow still has all the vital organs, Jahunger owner and founder Nadia Parhat explained. The traditional saying, she said, shows that despite being small, places like Parhat’s hometown, Urumqi, Xinjiang and the Ocean State that she now lives in, still encompass richness, completeness and convenience.

Jahunger, the Uighur restaurant Parhat co-owns on Wickenden Street in Providence with her husband Dilmurat Subat, also embodies the idiom. Despite its modest size, Jahunger boasts a full range of carefully-crafted, authentic Uighur dishes. Parhat and Subat opened Jahunger in March 2017, making it New England’s first Uighur restaurant, she said. 

Before opening, she worried that customers’ palates might not be used to the spices and tastes of Uighur cuisine, but the reception to the opening was very warm and many customers enjoyed the

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Startup automates Chinese restaurants with cooking robots

BEIJING — Yushanfang Cooking Robot Tech, which makes restaurant kitchens smart, has raised several tens of million of yuan (several million dollars) from China Prosperity Capital and Seekdource Investment Management in an angel round of funding.

The company aims to use the funds for product and human-resources development and marketing.

Cooking robots developed by Yushanfang, founded in 2018, are now in the 10th generation. The robots, which prepare one dish at a time upon order, are used by fast-food restaurants.

Cooks’ skills are a key factor in the taste of Chinese food, besides the quality of ingredients. In conventional restaurants, the kitchen and pantry often occupy as much as one-third of the area. And the quality of food varies at small to medium-size restaurants, which in addition can generate only limited sales per unit of area. Yushanfang’s cooking robots, which use artificial intelligence, address such issues.

A Yushanfang cooking

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