‘This one is not that good’

Aunt Dai thumb 1
Feigang Fei is the owner of Aunt Dai restaurant in Montreal. Feigang Fei
  • A Chinese restaurant in Montreal has gone viral for its descriptions of dishes on its menu.

  • Feigang Fei’s comments on Aunt Dai restaurant’s menu are searingly honest — and very amusing.

  • “Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not THAT good,” Fei wrote of the orange chicken. “Anyway, I am not big fan of North American Chinese food and it’s your call.”

  • Writer Kim Belair tweeted screengrabs of the menu, and it’s been retweeted over 71,000 times.

  • Fei told Insider he and Belair are “probably going to become best friends.”

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While many restaurants try and entice diners with overstated descriptions of their food, one restaurant owner has taken a distinctly different approach by lowering customers’ expectations.

Aunt Dai Chinese restaurant in Montreal, Canada, recently went viral for owner

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Persian Dried Lime: Creation, Flavour, and Usage

Dried limes originated in Persia where locals found a way of draining the citrus out of the fruit and yet, use it in more different but conventional ways. 

The Persian dried limes were created by placing the fruit under the sun’s heat and waiting for its colour to change into a darker tone; thus, the inside would entail a dry texture. 

It is also known as black lime, Noomi Basra, limoo Amani, and loomi. Consequently, locals enjoy its taste by adding it to different home-cooked meals that anyone who opts to taste will surely be loved.

How the Tasty Persian Dried Limes are Created

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