Junzi Kitchen Is The Chinese Fast-Casual Restaurant You Need To Try

Prior to this whole quarantine ordeal, you could normally catch me at a fast-casual restaurant a few times a week. From Panera Bread and Cosi to Dos Toros and Chipotle, I’m always in the mood for a quick and tasty meal that won’t break the bank. Living in NYC, that is usually hard to come find. However, I’ve never seen the fast-casual concept come to life for Chinese cuisine until I discovered Junzi Kitchen.

What Is Junzi Kitchen?

Junzi Kitchen, derived from what Chinese philosophy calls pursuit, is dedicated to creating the best authentic Chinese food using healthy and seasonal ingredients. Not only does Junzi Kitchen pride themselves on great food, but on their ability to foster a sense of community where bings and noodles can be enjoyed by everyone.

Chef Lucas Sin, former Yale graduate, is one of the many masterminds behind Junzi Kitchen who spearheads the After Hours

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