This week, I continued my search for Arizona’s best homemade noodles, digging my chopsticks into a stellar bowl of belt-like biangbiang at Mesa’s Shaanxi Garden where, in between slurps, I watched a performer pluck the strings of a traditional Chinese harp. 

Other nights were spent exploring high-end drinking holes and the fabulous foods they serve. A classic Phoenix haunt dished up one of the largest plates of carne asada French fries I’d ever seen. (Not to mention, a deliciously zingy jalapeño margarita.) 

At the new location of a popular Prescott meadery, I paired seared scallops with honey wine, which were great, but my favorite dish was a sweet surprise ending.

The one thing every dish on this list had in common was that they were too good not to share. Here are the best things I ate this week.