7 metro Phoenix restaurants serving auspicious Chinese foods for Lunar New Year 2022

The Lunar New Year starts on Tuesday, Feb. 1 and food plays a big part in the 15-day celebration. Certain foods are believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and longevity for the next year.

People of different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities. Some examples of auspicious foods in Chinese culture include whole fish, jiaozi dumplings, egg rolls, yi mein “long life” noodles and good-fortune fruit including oranges, pomegranates and other citrus.

Here are 7 Chinese restaurants in Phoenix serving traditional foods to ring in Year of the Tiger.

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China Village

Fish symbolize abundance and wealth, because they swim in schools and their scales resemble coins. You can order a whole fish, steamed or crispy, priced according to size at China Village. The restaurant has been open since 1985, serving Chinese American

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Resident Culture’s Lunar New Year celebration in Charlotte


The Dumpling Lady will offer food for Resident Culture’s Lunar New Year celebration at both Charlotte locations.

Traditional Chinese performances, food, decor, giveaways — and beer, naturally — are all on the menu for Resident Culture Brewing Co.’s upcoming Lunar New Year celebration.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 5 and 6 for the festivities, which will span across both of the brewery’s Charlotte locations. “Growing up in a Chinese American home and the granddaughter of Chinese immigrants with a powerful story of their journey to the U.S., the love for my family and traditions runs deep,” Resident Culture co-owner Amanda McLamb said. “Lunar New Year is all about welcoming good luck, prosperity, health and abundance for the new year, and nothing makes me happier than sharing a piece of my family’s favorite tradition with our community.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Lunar New Year celebration

WHEN: Feb. 5

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Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 in Miami

The Chinese New Year — also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival — is among the most important festivals in China and many East Asian countries.

For many, the festival is more than just a celebration of the start of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. For South Floridians of Chinese heritage like Wok Star founder and chef Eleanor Hoh, it’s also a time to honor ancestors, feast with family members, and celebrate new beginnings.

While regional customs and traditions vary widely from region to region, they all celebrate the same theme: seeing out the old year and welcoming the luck and prosperity of the new one, says Hoh, who is well known in Miami for her cooking classes and Wok Star Supper Club events.

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday, February 1, beginning a Year of the Tiger according to

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Chinese New Year history, superstitions, horoscopes

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Feb. 1. Also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, it is an important holiday in China, as you might have guessed. Tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, the holiday is a time for celebrating and feasting, along with honoring household and heavenly deities and ancestors. Inscribed oracle bones with astronomical records indicate that the calendar existed as early as 14th century B.C. Because the Lunar New Year depends on the moon, the date of Chinese New Year changes each year, but it will always fall between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20.

While there are many stories, one fun legend tells the story of how the Chinese started keeping track of the passage of time by naming the years after different animals. Within the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 animals that gathered together for a race in the countryside. Each of

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