World Nutella Day is February 5th

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Nutella invites fans in the U.S. to share their love of the brand for the chance to win an exclusive virtual cooking experience with Hilary Duff who is also a singer, producer and Mom. Hilary truly recognizes the importance of bringing that special Nutella treat to the family table. Nutella lovers and super fans can enter to win this virtual experience with Hilary by taking a photo, or writing a message in 50 words or less, that shows their love for the hazelnut spread and posting it to their personal Instagram page, personal Twitter page and/or directly on the Nutella USA Facebook page, with #WorldNutellaDaySweeps in the post or post caption.

These five lucky winners will also receive, as part of the grand prize, a $1,000 gift card to spend at Williams Sonoma and

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Four Seasons Celebrates Culinary Excellence Around the World with 27 Michelin Stars

TORONTO, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With three of Michelin’s most prominent guides unveiled in January, the exceptional restaurants of Four Seasons are embracing a new year and a renewed commitment to excellence. Sparkling under 27 Michelin stars across 19 restaurants, Four Seasons maintains the most Michelin Stars of any single luxury hospitality brand.

“There’s no question that the past year has brought unprecedented challenges to the culinary world and the broader hospitality industry – but through these difficult times, we grow stronger and adapt to deliver on our commitment to quality and excellence,” says Christian Clerc, President, Global Operations. “Our Chefs and culinary teams around the world are continually evolving in order to find creative ways to offer our guests the best possible dining experiences. This year’s Michelin Guides reflect the passionate spirit, innovation and resilience that prevails throughout our kitchens and dining rooms worldwide.”

From chefs and

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What Christmas dinner looks like around the world

This is what Christmas dinner looks like around the world (Stock)
This is what Christmas dinner looks like around the world (Stock)

No matter where in the world you are, Christmas is about more than tradition and family – it’s also about food.

But what is actually served for Christmas dinner varies by country – with commonplace turkeys rarely having a place on the table outside of the US.

From Puerto Rican eggnog served in coconut shells to the Swedish egg-and-anchovy mixture gubbröra, traditional Christmas dishes from around the world provide an insight into the various ways that people celebrate and indulge on the holiday.


In Sweden, the Swedish julbord or “Christmas table” usually begins with cold fish dishes, then meats, hot food, and dessert.

Swedish glazed ham is served cold on Christmas (Stock)
Swedish glazed ham is served cold on Christmas (Stock)

In most instances, the table features a Christmas ham, boiled then glazed with eggs, breadcrumbs and mustard – and served cold.

Apart from the centrepiece,

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Welcome to the strange world of post-Covid flying

The face-mask hokey-cokey? Read on to find out more - getty
The face-mask hokey-cokey? Read on to find out more – getty

And so the bad news continues to rain down. Rain down like one of those black-sky catastrophes you see in American disaster movies, where the toothless old man rocks back and forth in the chair on his rickety porch, looks towards the clouds gathering on the horizon, and mutters “storm’s a-comin”, to no-one but himself. But he knows. He knows. 

Like a rain that, contrary to any sort of logic, contains literal cats and dogs. And not nice fluffy cats and amiable waggy-tailed dogs. No, the sort of stray felines you see on Greek islands and the outskirts of Turkish holiday resorts, which hiss if you come within 10ft of them; the sort of scar-faced tomcats that, at some point, have lost an eye fighting, but are happy to fight you too, come on then, what you lookin’ at,

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