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The Collection Bakery owners Miguel (left) and Keely Silva-Glenn at 180 Bar & Bistro where they use the kitchen to bake. - YOUNG KWAK PHOTO

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The Collection Bakery owners Miguel (left) and Keely Silva-Glenn at 180 Bar & Bistro where they use the kitchen to bake.

By marrying their individual cultures and years of baking experience in kitchens from New York City to Seattle, Keely and Miguel Silva-Glenn are bringing an eclectic mix of specialty pastries from around the world to Spokane.

The couple met eight years ago while working at a bakery in NYC and launched the Collection Bakery in summer 2020 after COVID-19 forced them both out of Seattle’s hospitality industry and to Spokane, Keely’s hometown.

The Collection’s current pastry lineup ranges from seasonal fruit tarts to traditional Mexican chocolate tortes and from layered Ukrainian honey cakes to babka — a sweet bread of Jewish origins. Each of these treats have a connection to the couple in some form. Miguel Silva-Glenn is from Mexico

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Venezuelan Musician Shares Love of Vegan Cooking With the World | Earth Eats: Real Food, Green Living

Dani Debuto is a founding member of Zeta, a collective art piece that started in Venezuela and whose members currently reside in south Florida. Zeta is primarily known for their musical aspect, which combines hardcore punk with polyrhythmic Afro-Caribbean percussion and elements of 70’s era Psychedelia. They also express themselves through film, design, and even food.

Dani founded the group in 2003 along with Juan Ricardo Yilo. Early on, they traveled to places like Mexico and Argentina and were drawn to a DIY community of artists that changed the way they thought about their art and their lifestyles. Many of the people they met followed a vegan, plant-based diet, an idea that Dani instantly connected with.

The first time I saw Zeta was at a music festival in Florida, and I was immediately struck by the intensity of the music, their stage presence, and the fact that they

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Meet the ‘Consumer of 2021’ and Prepare for the World After the Pandemic

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The pandemic changes the way consumers behave in all aspects of their lives. As they took refuge in their homes, they adopted new digital services at a dizzying rate. In addition to the growing health and hygiene concerns, the economic recession and the related decline in consumption , the change in people’s lives is staggering.

1. At home


During the confinement, the house became a multi-universe. It is where various activities such as working, eating, playing and connecting with family and friends take place. Although general consumption decreases, the part allocated for the categories at home increases. Throughout the months of social isolation, the net intention of consumers to participate in a variety of activities at

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World Nutella Day is February 5th

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Nutella invites fans in the U.S. to share their love of the brand for the chance to win an exclusive virtual cooking experience with Hilary Duff who is also a singer, producer and Mom. Hilary truly recognizes the importance of bringing that special Nutella treat to the family table. Nutella lovers and super fans can enter to win this virtual experience with Hilary by taking a photo, or writing a message in 50 words or less, that shows their love for the hazelnut spread and posting it to their personal Instagram page, personal Twitter page and/or directly on the Nutella USA Facebook page, with #WorldNutellaDaySweeps in the post or post caption.

These five lucky winners will also receive, as part of the grand prize, a $1,000 gift card to spend at Williams Sonoma and

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