Noodle House brings a taste of home all the way from Vietnam to Ardmore

Beef Pho at Noodle House 12 -- before sauce and garnishes.

Beef Pho at Noodle House 12 — before sauce and garnishes.

With a history as rich as the broth it is known for, pho comes from mid-1880s cuisine in Northern Vietnam by way of Chinese and French influences. Primarily made with rice noodles and spices popular of the period in China, the slow-cooked soup took hold in Vietnam as French cuisine popularized eating red meat.

For Ly Hoa, bringing those historical and cultural influences to life in Ardmore is a dream come true. “It’s really important for a community to have diversity,” she said. Hoa is the descendant of many generations of pho and coffee shopkeepers from her home country of Vietnam. Her food, she said, is not simply influenced by Vietnamese cuisine and culture. “This IS my culture,” Hoa said.

Ly Hoa and her husband, Rick, preparing pho for serving at Noodle House 12.

Ly Hoa and her husband, Rick, preparing pho for serving at Noodle House 12.

The authenticity of the

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Chomp: Embrace the possibilities | Taste, the Santa Fe dining scene

I’m a planner, a worrier, a meticulous researcher. I’m the friend who can never decide where to eat or what to order because making the “right” choice feels like too much pressure.

So when it comes to dining out, I stalk social media and pore over menus. I ask pretty much everyone I meet for their food recommendations. You’d be hard pressed to find me strolling into a place that’s tailor made for impulse decision-makers.

And yet, there I was on a Saturday afternoon: stepping into Santa Fe’s food hall for the first time without so much as a game plan.

This is the story of how I learned to stop worrying and embrace Chomp.

Chomp opened about a year ago in the striking former Talin Market space on Cerrillos Road, promising a mix of artisan retail, freshly prepared culinary items, and a bar serving wine, beer and cocktails. Several

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LOREN SHAUM: A taste of Mexico comes to Lake Country | News

The lot in Wawasee Village that long ago housed the highly popular Foo and Faye Chinese Restaurant now has a different ethnic look. Moving from Logansport into what was once Duffy’s Irish-themed bar, owner Shayla Canseco renovated the building into all things Mexico, including décor, drinks and food.

Opening July 9, the Los Toritos (translates to “the Bulls”) Mexican Grill has seen steady business and adds another food option in Lake Country.


The huge spiral-bound laminated menu is nine pages of Mexican delicacies, including a full page of lunch specials. There’s every kind of nacho, burrito, tostada, taco, tamale, quesadilla, chimichanga, enchilada, chalupa, tostaguac, salad, eggs and even chili relleno. The latter is a poblano stuffed with ground beef and cheese and topped with a red sauce.

Strangely, unlike other Mexican restaurants we’ve visited, there is no soup on the menu. A good chicken-tortilla soup would have

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Takeout for under $25 at Asheville’s China Taste

Asheville has long cried loudly for a great New York style Chinese takeout restaurant. A few years ago, China Taste appeared in a small strip mall location off State Street in West Asheville to try to fill that void.

State Street spans from Haywood Road to Amboy Road, a commuter thoroughfare from the RAD and South to the westside. It’s an ideal location for easy dinner pickup, especially since China Taste’s delivery only runs in a 3-mile radius.

No, this is not a new take on Chinese food. But what the restaurant offers is focused mainly on delivery and takeout with a quick turnaround time, a concept most will readily buy into.

China Taste is located on State Street in West Asheville. Featured above is their Moo Shu Pork, Fried Rice, Fried Dumplings, and Duck sauce.

China Taste’s menu covers virtually any classic Chinese takeout dish most have heard of. I grabbed a paper copy of the menu, which lists 107 items, not including five other subsidiary menus, including chef’s specials and hibachi

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