Venezuelan Musician Shares Love of Vegan Cooking With the World | Earth Eats: Real Food, Green Living

Dani Debuto is a founding member of Zeta, a collective art piece that started in Venezuela and whose members currently reside in south Florida. Zeta is primarily known for their musical aspect, which combines hardcore punk with polyrhythmic Afro-Caribbean percussion and elements of 70’s era Psychedelia. They also express themselves through film, design, and even food.

Dani founded the group in 2003 along with Juan Ricardo Yilo. Early on, they traveled to places like Mexico and Argentina and were drawn to a DIY community of artists that changed the way they thought about their art and their lifestyles. Many of the people they met followed a vegan, plant-based diet, an idea that Dani instantly connected with.

The first time I saw Zeta was at a music festival in Florida, and I was immediately struck by the intensity of the music, their stage presence, and the fact that they

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UM center Nysier Brooks shares culinary skills with inner city youth

Feb. 3—Nysier Brooks is 7 feet tall. He looks like an NBA player, and could wind up being one.

But what he really wants to do the rest of his life is cook.

The University of Miami senior center is happiest hovering over a stove, in his apron, whipping up cajun catfish, lemon-pepper fried chicken, mac and cheese, lamb chops with honey-lemon glaze, and his original creation, the salmon cheesesteak, a twist on the traditional Philly cheesesteak.

Brooks dreams of becoming a chef, owning a restaurant, and teaching culinary skills to disadvantaged youth, as he has been doing through an internship with Empowered Youth, a non-profit mentoring organization for at-risk kids, mainly referred through the juvenile justice system. They have a culinary program, which allows Brooks, 24, to combine his love of cooking with his deep commitment to serve the community.

During the pandemic quarantine, he posted live cooking demonstrations

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A Nutritionist with IBD Shares Her 5 Favorite Foods for Gut Health

The million-dollar question with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): “What should I eat?”

While there’s not a singular list of foods that everyone with IBD should toss in their grocery carts (food tolerances vary across the board), there are a handful of foods that stand out as my personal favorites for great gut health.

Bone broth is a food with ancient origins.

It’s made by slowly simmering animal bones with herbs, spices, and vegetables, as desired, for added flavor and nutrients.

Bone broth is rich in collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body, as well as other amino acids and minerals. The practice of slowly simmering bones extracts these nutrients and ends up as an easily digestible broth.

In a 2015 study in Nutrition Journal, collagen supplementation showed to significantly reduce pain, stiffness, and physical function in people with osteoarthritis. This suggests that collagen-rich bone broth may be

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