5 Most Controversial Fast-Food Items Ever Created

When fast-food companies get bad press, it’s often due to their own marketing efforts backfiring. Burger King’s tone-deaf International Women’s Day tweet is a striking recent example. The McDonald’s “#McDStories” campaign created the opposite of a feel-good response in a similar fashion when a 2018 Twitter campaign meant to promote McDonald’s farmers prompted the sharing of negative stories about the brand instead. Even Wendy’s once tweeted a dubious Pepe the Frog meme. Putting the proverbial foot in the mouth is practically a tradition with fast-food brands.

Sometimes, however, it’s not the ads but the food itself that causes controversy, and the backlash in such cases can be more severe. The “all press is good press” saying doesn’t quite hold up in the restaurant industry when the press is about menu items falling short of expectations or worse, causing digestive issues.

Here’s a look at some of the most

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Fast-food menu items you’ll only find abroad

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Simple Home made Food Items Children Can Make

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14 Iconic Fast-Food Items That Changed Our Lives Forever

As fast food has evolved, we can pinpoint several seminal inventions that changed the industry and our expectations as consumers forever. The archetypal burger, the longest-standing fast food dessert, the first stuffed-crust pizza, the sandwich with an unforgettable value . . . all of these items have earned their rightful place in the fabric of our food culture.

Here’s a look back at some of the most defining moments in modern American fast food, one iconic item at a time.

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McDonald’s Big Mac

Big mac meal
Big mac meal

Probably the most iconic burger on the planet, the Big Mac from McDonald’s is the OG fast food burger. It’s the burger that taught us what fast food burgers could look

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