Yauatcha Riyadh introduces its first-ever exclusive mooncakes

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Yauatcha celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with hand-crafted mooncakes in five enticing flavours…

When Yauatcha whips up a dessert, it’s usually over-the-top, from the presentation to the luscious flavours. But, hey, we aren’t complaining.

And now that mooncake season has arrived, Yauatcha is making the traditional treats for the first time.

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival – one of the oldest traditions in the Chinese calendar – Yauatcha will be serving mooncakes on their menus until the end of October.

Flavours of the moon

From traditional baked mooncakes to modern snowskin mooncakes, Yauatcha launches its first mooncake collection this year with five flavours featuring the finest ingredients.

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Among the traditional mooncakes, fillings include the classic lotus – an ode to time-honoured tradition – and silken red bean, baked to a majestic golden brown.

Nut lovers can also delight in their pistachio mooncake

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