Doggy Style hot dog food truck in Springfield gets weird with toppings

A revamped food truck that serves many different types of hot dogs is gaining popularity in Springfield.

Owners Jeremy and Tambera Mathis opened the new “Doggy Style” food truck in mid-April. Doggy Style has traditional hot dogs, but it is really known for loading hot dogs with crazy toppings.

Jeremy Mathis has 20 years of restaurant management experience. He said he jumped at the opportunity to buy the Doggy Style food truck when he saw it for sale back in February. He then put his own twist on the menu.

Doggy Style serves many different hot dogs that are named after dog breeds, but here are some that are the most popular: the K9 is topped with bacon crumbles, jalapenos, cream cheese and pepper jack cheese; and the Beagle comes with peanut butter, grape jelly and bacon crumbles.

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Restaurateurs discuss criticism of Hot Crispy Oil and culinary appropriation

When John Trimble launched Hot Crispy Oil last year, he did not anticipate the condiment would make a splash in all the ways it did.

After the Times Union published a story in July on Hot Crispy Oil and Trimble’s turn from closing La Serre, his family’s 43-year-old French restaurant in downtown Albany, to starting a condiment business, sales for Hot Crispy Oil soared. The blend of oil with spices and hot peppers has sold 50,000 jars since its launch last summer.

Criticism that Trimble, a white man, was stealing ideas from Chinese culture rose, too. A letter to the editor that appeared in the Times Union said Trimble’s product, and the way he described it, appropriated a traditional Chinese chile oil by taking the idea and commercializing it for profit without crediting the Asian culture that the oil derives from.

Attacks on Hot Crispy Oil were rampant on

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Robots, Korean BBQ, Chinese hot pots, sushi all at Yi Liu Hot Pot

Yi Liu Hot Pot is located at 12777 Atlantic Boulevard. From the moment you walk in you can tell you’re in for an experience.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Have you ever had a robot deliver food to your table at a restaurant?

Jacksonville’s Yi Liu Hot Pot is taking eating to the future! Get your stomach ready for their Chinese hot pot, Korean BBQ and sushi.

Yi Liu Hot Pot is located at 12777 Atlantic Boulevard. From the moment you walk in you can tell you’re in for an experience. Tables have space for cooking and burners on them.

“This is like a different type of restaurant,” said Manager Mandy Yang.

First, you pick out your meats at the buffet for the Korean BBQ.

“You can get whatever you want from the buffet table to cook yourself,” Yang explained.

Hot pots of broths will be on burners on your table. You

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This hot mustard sauce passes the zest test

Of all the American-Chinese sauces I’ve made to jazz up a meal, hot mustard was by far the easiest — and most fascinating. Four simple ingredients, and you’re done.

You know how tasteless those little mustard packets are — the kind you get with your Chinese dinner? Most taste like cardboard. Seriously. They have no heat or flavor to speak of, unless you like cardboard, that is.

This recipe for mustard sauce carries some heat, but it’s not overpowering.

So how does this happen? I’m no food scientist, but in fairly simple terms: Mustard has an enzyme called myrosinase, which smashes organic compounds called glucosinolates into chemical compounds called isothiocyanates when combined with cold liquid, in this case, white vinegar. Together, the reaction produces the characteristic heat of hot mustard. The amount of heat produced is dependent on the type of mustard seeds, some being hotter than others.

My preference

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