Cool off with these fun cocktails from San Francisco and beyond this summer

Can you even call it summer if you’re not sipping a refreshing cocktail? Around the Bay Area, new bars have surfaced within the past seven months, and after a grueling year for bars, we think drinks are in order. SFGATE’s Food + Drink team visited some of the newcomers found throughout San Francisco and beyond to try a selection of tropical to low-proof drinks. Drinks aside, many of the new bars come with a playful atmosphere, like Jaranita’s festive dining space and garden-centric bar Propagation. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which place to hit first.   

The Red Window Cobbler at Red Window, a new tapas bar in North Beach. 

The Red Window Cobbler at Red Window, a new tapas bar in North Beach. 

Madeline Wells/SFGATE

At North Beach’s colorful new tapas bar Red Window, you won’t find any whiskey or gin on the menu. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cocktails. 

Instead, you’ll find a creative menu of low-proof cocktails, in

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Hungry For Fun? Try These 10 Scrumptious Food Coloring Pages

Mmm, food. What can we say about food that hasn’t already been said? Food’s fantastic. Scrumptious. It feeds the soul. Of course, if you have a fussy little one, food might not be as popular of a pastime. However, engaging your picky-eating preschooler with some food coloring pages might do the trick. With the following free printables ready for color, we cover all the bases. From stews to sandwiches to tacos, we’ve got all the favorites that most kids enjoy. If you want to encourage your little ones’ appetite for the wonders of food, include them in this delightfully mouthwatering DIY activity.

We put together some of the most delicious, yummiest pages featuring tasty meals for your coloring enjoyment. And while your little artist is filling them in, you can fill them in on some interesting facts about foods. For example, pizza is the most popular food

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MI SU Street Food’s ‘eclectic and fun’ Mexican fusion menu debuts downtown

Only good things can come from a business built on a foundation of freshly made flour tortillas. 

MI SU Street Food doesn’t literally have tortillas for tires, but owners Alden and Hylene Garcia build a lot of their out-of-the-box, Mexican-style menu items around their authentic, homemade tortillas. 

“We knew fresh tortillas was something missing in Pensacola,” Alden Garcia said. “Our LLC name is literally ‘One Taco At A Time,’ so we’re trying to keep one taco on the menu at all times. And we’ll have a breakfast taco on it daily, too.” 

Alden Garcia said some of his recipes are fusion-style while others are so off-the-wall that he can’t even really categorize them. 

► Downtown food hall coming soon: Downtown Pensacola food hall, event space and entertainment complex planned for 2022

“I mean, I’ll put chorizo on a burger, that’s one of them. We’re doing a ‘Huevo Roll,’ which

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