Review: Lucy’s is the place for Chinese food in Fargo

FARGO — For more than 100 years, Jews have been getting together in Chinese restaurants on Christmas to, well, eat Chinese food. And then, maybe, they’d go to a movie.
The tradition goes back to turn-of-the-last-century New York when most ethnic groups kept pretty much to themselves. Italians ate at Italian restaurants, Germans ate at what passed for beer gardens and Gasthäuser, and Jews, who weren’t welcome in either, or in a great many other places, too, shopped at delis and ate at home.
The only people who didn’t harbor antisemitic feelings, either deep down or right on their sleeves, were other Jews and the Chinese, whose Chinatown was right next door to the predominantly Jewish Lower East Side. As a bonus, they hardly ever mixed their meat with dairy products, among the worst violations of Jewish dietary laws. Most other meats that don’t quite meet Kashrut standards were

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Finding the closest thing to authentic Chinese food in Tokyo

There’s nothing wrong with chuuka cuisine (Japanese-style Chinese cuisine), Panda Express will forever be in our hearts and Yokohama really has it nailed. But with the flourishing Chinese community in Ikebukuro, it would be a shame not to take advantage of Tokyo’s truest Chinese flavors.

Here are three restaurants to introduce you to your next food tour destination for the most authentic Chinese food in Tokyo.

火焔山 新疆・味道 Kaenzan-Xinjiang

Uyghur cuisine may not be the first variety of cuisine that comes to mind when searching to satisfy your Chinese cravings, but if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern flavors it shouldn’t be passed up.

Uyghur are an ethnic minority group based in the western Xinjiang province with large communities outside of China in countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This Turkic group has perfectly melded Middle Eastern spices and Islamic practices with Chinese sensibilities.

Entering Kaenzan Xinjiang, expect to be

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A Jewish culinary renaissance is expanding the definition of kosher food

By Noah Sheidlower and Radhika Marya, CNN

Leonardo Nourafchan wanted to do something different. After trying out jobs in real estate, the California native knew he wanted to break into the food industry, starting with catering from his home and creating blogs.

He worked long hours in the kitchens of New York restaurants, including Mike’s Bistro and Alenbi, then finally opened his Israeli restaurant Charcoal Grill & Bar in Los Angeles.

Nourafchan snuck Mexican-influenced dishes — inspired by the area’s culinary scene — onto his kosher menu. These included lamb shawarma tacos, which he said were incredibly popular. The restaurant shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, but by May 2020, Nourafchan was testing a new kosher Mexicali concept out of his former meat supplier’s kitchen.

Lenny’s Casita, a kosher Mexican restaurant, officially launched in July 2021.

“It’s kind of like a cross between a kosher Chipotle and Taco

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Food fest magic, Christmas menus and a mean coquito

Food fest magic, Christmas menus and a mean coquito

The Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival swept throughout town Thursday night, lavishing some beloved restaurant kitchens with a generous sprinkling of holiday magic. Visiting luminaries joined local culinary stars at four bustling opening-night dinners in Palm Beach Gardens at Stage Kitchen, West Palm Beach at Okeechobee Steakhouse and Palm Beach at Buccan and PB Catch.

San Francisco chef Charles Phan chats with a guest, who is enjoying his braised duck leg dish, at the "Spice" dinner at Stage Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens Dec. 9 during the 2021 Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival.

What a treat it is to watch the chefs in action as they collaborate on one another’s dishes. From my seat at the “Spice” dinner at Stage, I could see executive chef/co-owner Pushkar Marathe pulling ramen noodles for two-time James Beard Award-winning San Francisco chef Charles Phan’s braised duck leg bowl. Phan, praised for his nuanced Vietnamese cooking at his famed Slanted Door restaurant, added meaty shiitakes, bamboo shoots and halved Chinese dates to the duck broth for a dish that was pure, elevated comfort.

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