These Inedible Food Scraps Are Perfect for Composting

The zero-waste food movement is gaining momentum, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. After all, approximately 30 to 40 percent of the food supply is wasted in the U.S., according to the FDA estimations, meaning it’s thrown away, spoils, or otherwise fails to make its way into mouths and bellies. And given that recent findings suggest that more than one-third of man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems, cutting down on food waste could go a long way in saving the planet.

With news this disconcerting, it’s little wonder that chefs like Ryan Moore of Sababa in Washington, D.C. are making it their mission to reduce their footprint when it comes to food waste. “From our waste oil from fryers being recycled into biofuel to repurposing scraps into menu items, we find a way to turn the most basic parts of an ingredient into something our customers

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Lost fast food brands we dream they’ll bring back

Today, you can find McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell restaurants everywhere but 50 years ago, the places where we went for quick, value meals were very different. These are the major fast food brands that have now vanished.

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Why the Filet-O-Fish Is My Gold Standard for Fast Food

One of the first Chinese McDonald’s opened on April 23, 1992, in Beijing, the largest in the world, at the time. I never got to eat there: My mother was busy packing our things. Two weeks after it opened, she and I were on a plane bound for Montreal to join my father, who was then completing a postdoc that would leave him broke for years. What I remember most from that period was how little we did. My mother worked weekend shifts at a sock factory, while my father took over at home. He studied in our one-bedroom apartment, and I watched TV. On special occasions, we went to McDonald’s.

In Canada, just like in China, eating at McDonald’s was a novelty for us. In the wake of post-Mao economic reforms, the belated introduction of the Golden Arches to China represented a whole ethos about what constituted the good

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The Ten Best Miami Breweries That Serve Food


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Food and craft beer in South Florida is not a new combination. Brewpubs like Big Bear in Coral Springs and Hollywood Brewing on the city’s boardwalk have long served food alongside their suds. The slew of breweries to open in the past several years, however, have largely relied on food trucks for fare.

Not anymore.

Today, a number of full-service breweries are offering a broad menu of eats along with their craft beers — and many are equipped with a full kitchen.

From the Guy Fieri-approved pairing menu at 3 Sons Brewing in Dania Beach to the Thai-inspired eats at Est. 33 Thai Craft Kitchen and Brewery in Brickell, there’s plenty to explore when it comes to dining and drinking your way through the breweries of South Florida.

The menu at 3 Sons Brewing Co. in Dania Beach has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


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