A new soup dumpling house lands in Bellevue and 24 other restaurant openings in Greater Seattle

Two Chinese restaurant openings in Bellevue and Mercer Island have been getting a lot of buzz in recent weeks. But Woodinville is the Eastside dining scene to watch in 2022, with a dozen new tasting rooms and bistros opening by September including a Dough Zone soup dumpling house, a steakhouse by the team behind El Gaucho and an Ethan Stowell pizzeria. After that, this wine town expects another surge of restaurant openings before the Christmas rush. Stay tuned … Now on with our roll call.



Supreme Dumplings is the most talked about new restaurant in the Bellevue Asian American community. The wait for a table is long (psst, book online). Located in the Bellevue Marketplace, this dumpling house features six different xiao long bao from the popular crab-pork filling to black-truffle-and-chicken combo, but its best — at least on first try — is its Szechuan spicy pork version.

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Georgia’s giant dumpling born from conquest

Some similar dumplings, like Turkish and Armenian manti, are linked to khinkali, according to food writers Aylin Tan from Turkey and Fuscia Dunlop, an English specialist of Chinese cuisine. The two have completed one of the few pieces of rigorous scholarship on dumpling history, presenting a paper in 2012 that traced dumpling connections along the Silk Road between Chinese and Turkish varieties.

Rachel Laudan, a US historian who wrote Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History, has a particular interest in dumplings, having mapped their reach to across Asia and Europe. While khinikali would require more study, it’s “extremely credible” that they first arrived with the Mongols, Laudan said. “It’s much more plausible that this is a kind of ghostly remnant of something that happened 700 years ago than that –  ‘Oh boy!’ – they just invented this independently’.”

Chinese doctor Zhang Zhongjing who lived in the second

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New Chinese dumpling house to open in downtown Bellevue

Dough Zone menu to feature soup dumplings and pan-fried wontons.

Dough Zone Dumpling House is set to open a new flagship restaurant in Downtown Bellevue this Friday (Feb. 26).

The new restaurant at 1299 156th Ave NE in suite 150, will feature traditional Chinese buns and dumplings.

The menu includes Xiao Long Bao, also known as soup dumplings, which are filled with a jellied meat stock that liquifies into a broth when steamed, as well as pork-filled pan-fried buns known as Q-Bao, prepared with a crispy-crunchy bottom and a soft fluffy top.

Dough Zone will also serve both traditional boiled wontons as well as their crunchy pan fried wontons, paired with a chili sauce or a spicy garlic sauce.

The original Dough Zone Dumpling House was established in Seattle in 2014, and was intended to bring the traditional Chinese soul food into a modern setting.

In consideration of how we

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