Asian small plates restaurant the Lucky Duck plans to open next month in Clawson

The Lucky Duck, a new dinner destination serving modern, Korean-influenced small plates and cocktails is getting ready to open in downtown Clawson. 

The new restaurant will have a menu of shareable Asian dishes, such as house-made dumplings and lettuce wraps with roasted pork shoulder. Owner and chef Grant Vella says a cocktail list will also have a heavy Korean influence and aims to complement the food menu, which will highlight local produce. 

The 60-something seat restaurant, formerly longstanding watering hole Moose Winooski’s, is right in the heart of Clawson at 14 Mile and Main. In addition to table seating, there will be a 12-seat bar with six taps: four for craft beers and two for pre-made craft cocktails. 

Vella is planning a Nov. 16 grand opening. 

“I want to offer my own take on Asian small plates,” he said, adding that he is shooting for an atmosphere that is down

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What exactly is duck sauce? The sticky history of the Chinese-American takeout staple

In the six years that I’ve been frequenting Asian Wok, the small Chinese takeout counter a few blocks from my apartment, I’ve never seen Liling, the kitchen manager, look flustered. 

I’ve been there at all hours, from peak lunch rush to that final 30-minute window post-last call, and even when the restaurant is absolutely hectic and the kitchen reaches sweltering temperatures, she’ll simply pin her thick black bangs away from her face and just continue counting. 

You see, watching Liling, you realize that her kitchen runs by the numbers — the number of tickets still to be fulfilled, the number of precise folds on the edges of the hastily packaged steamed dumplings and, perhaps most importantly, the number of sauce packets allotted to each order. 

There’s a mysterious, though obviously calculated, math that goes into how many sauce packets each customer receives. Liling counts the packets, which are kept in

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Pagoda Kitchen bringing ‘homestyle Chinese’ and Peking duck to Delray Beach

Crispy Peking duck, glazed Chinese spare ribs and tender chickens turning on rotisserie spits will be the first eye-popping spectacle to greet diners entering the new Pagoda Kitchen in Delray Beach.

A pair of six-foot-tall vertical rotisseries are the centerpiece of veteran restaurateur Burt Rapoport’s first “home-style Chinese restaurant,” opening this October inside Delray Marketplace. It replaces the former Mediterranean eatery Apeiro and sits next door to Burt & Max’s, Rapoport’s eatery devoted to American comfort food.

Rapoport admits that Pagoda, specializing in Chinese comfort food, is far removed from the Jewish delis (see: the late Rappy’s), upscale Italian and American spots (Prezzo, Deck 84) that are his wheelhouse. The famed Palm Beach restaurateur grew up in an apartment above his grandfather’s kosher dairy restaurant in Manhattan, his Jewish family knowing little about Chinese food beyond Chinatown and “takeout every Sunday night,” he says.

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Eden Center’s tastiest 7 Vietnamese dishes, including banh mi, roast duck and skewers

He opened a second location of Cha Oc Gia Huy in the Eden Center, the Falls Church shopping center that has long been a destination for anyone with a taste of Vietnamese food and culture. About two years ago, Pham personally set up shop inside the Saigon East building (6757 Wilson Blvd., No. 9; 703-988-1993), where he specializes in the street foods of Vietnam, with an emphasis on an escargot-pork sausage called cha oc.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Pham has placed tables outside his shop at Eden, lending his business the air of a street vendor forced to seek shelter in a hallway. The first time I met Pham in the hallway, he steered me to two of his signature dishes: bo la lot ($15 a pack), these pressed lengths of minced beef, shot through with garlic and oyster sauce, then wrapped in betel leaves. Pham cooks the little packages

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