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Add comma separated record of substances to include in recipe. Its $248-per-individual tasting menu includes eclectic dishes like its thousand-year-previous quail egg served with potage and ginger, or shrimp-roe noodles in a roasted hen jus. End it off with the sesame-leaf ice cream for an unforgettable meal. The healthiest meals have zero factors, which means which you could eat as much of them as you like.

To find out the rankings, U.S. News and World Report convened an expert panel consisting of 25 of the country’s prime nutritionists, dietary consultants and physicians specializing in diabetes, coronary heart health and weight reduction. Every of the specialists complete an in-depth survey, scoring 35 diets in seven areas, together with ease of compliance, probability of losing vital weight within the quick and long term, and effectiveness against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Cambodian Americans Are Ready to Share Their Cuisine, On Their Terms

The word “funky” frequently comes up when you talk about Cambodian food.

It is often traced to prahok, fermented fish paste, an ingredient so widely used that there’s a Cambodian phrase, ‘No prahok, no salt!” It is incorporated in soups, such as samlor korko, a rustic vegetable and green fruit stew, as well as dips, like teuk kreung, a fish-based sauce served with raw vegetables. Its taste is considered an acquired one for those new to the cuisine.

But first generation Cambodian American chefs are not afraid to use it. In a new crop of eateries, they are embracing the full breadth of Cambodian flavors, while integrating their American upbringings.

“Cambodian food is a balance of salt, sugar, and acid,” says Ethan Lim, Cambodian-American founder and chef at Hermosa in Chicago, a sandwich shop-cum-Cambodian dinner series. He adds that it’s this balance that makes the cuisine distinct from

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Macau’s rare fusion cuisine – BBC Travel

Macau’s rare fusion cuisine

(Image credit: Matthew Keegan)

Today, the cuisine has taken on the role of helping to preserve the fading Macanese culture (Credit: Matthew Keegan)

A small Eurasian community in Macau is hoping that their unique cuisine – a blend of Portuguese and Chinese cooking – will be the key ingredient to their culture’s survival.


Down a Macau side alley is an unassuming restaurant that’s far removed from the showy neon and glittering facades of the Las Vegas-style casinos that have come to define this semi-autonomous city on China’s southern coast. Yet it’s here, in what feels a world away from the neighbouring casino strip, that a different kind of richness can be found – one of history and culture; a place where flavours of the past and the spirit of old Macau live on.

“I would dare say Macanese cuisine was the first fusion food in the world,” said Sonia Palmer sitting across from her mother, 103-year-old

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My Experience at “Food Terminal,” Malay Cuisine

As I tumbled out of the Uber and joined my friends on the sidewalk, I was instantly captivated by the glowing neon sign that read “Food Terminal.” After the grand welcoming to the restaurant, I stepped inside only to be amazed by the sheer size of the place. Flood lights and tables seemed to stretch across the entire block, and servers were bustling around to deliver food to hungry customers. The atmosphere was electrifying, hyping me up even more as we sat down.

Having only truly lived in Atlanta for the last two weeks, I haven’t had much satisfying Asian cuisine. Despite my low expectations, I remained excited about the street food-esque setup of the restaurant. But right after glancing over our menus, we started shouting simultaneously at each other, obsessing over the pictures on the menu and the many iconic dishes that reminded us of home. Then I

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