More lo hei? Or perhaps some comfort food in between?

lo hei by the garage

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lo hei by the garage

With just days to the Year of the Ox, we nose out more good lo hei offerings. We also look out for comfort food as a foil to 15 days of the Lunar New Year feasting. 

botanico at The Garage

Ring in the Niu year with The Garage’s Lunar New Year specials that are rich in symbols of luck, peace and wealth. Its Yusheng (from $68++) offers a choice of luxe Norwegian salmon or Hokkaido scallop layered on a fresh salad base. This comes with a playful twist with additions such as couscous, house-fermented carrots, raw Japanese corn kernels, house-pickled celeriac, pomegranate seeds, truffle oil and crispy baked bacon.

Follow up with Botanico’s five-course LNY Dinner ($88++) available from 11 to 13 February. The line-up includes Duck Croquette (with a foie gras heart) and Chickpea Tofu topped with belachan chilli  and

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How Comfort Food Can Sharpen Your Mind and Support Weight Loss

Good Spanish food doesn’t get much better than paella,” tweeted Jamie Oliver in 2016, before casually mentioning that his recipe for it included chorizo. The response from Spain was immediate – and brutal. Some compared the unconventional addition of the spiced meat to the desecration of the Ecce Homo Jesus fresco in Zaragoza; others went as far as suggesting that they’d kill him. “I had death threats,” Oliver said on The Graham Norton Show, “because of a bit of sausage.”

a pan of food on a wooden table: There's more to your bangers and mash than you think

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There’s more to your bangers and mash than you think

It was yet another manifestation of Oliver’s apparent war on the world’s traditional rice recipes, whose front lines have extended from a flagrantly inauthentic egg-fried rice to a parsley- and-coriander-loaded joll of rice that seemed closer in spirit to West Acton than to West Africa. But the anger of the purists is, perhaps, misplaced. These dishes are

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American Chinese food is the best American comfort food. These 10 spots prove why.

This is a love letter to the restaurants with sprawling, triple-digit-count menus that serve up wire-handled cartons of General Tso’s chicken or beef and broccoli, the results of immigrant ingenuity melding with American tastes. Think of the varied combinations of rice or noodles and proteins swimming in mother sauces including dark, silken oyster and syrupy orange and red — you probably have your own favorite that hits a specific kind of nostalgic feeling.

In an era during which most restaurants are revamping their operations for carryout, Chinese takeout remains a surefire neighborhood staple, which made it all the more fun for chef Tim Ma to research when he was prepping to open his latest restaurant, Lucky Danger, an American Chinese pop-up in his currently dormant Prather’s on the Alley in Mount Vernon Triangle.

Ma, a Chinese American who fondly recalls his uncle’s Chinese restaurant in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., as

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