At Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, exploring where India and China meet | Dining

On a map of the world, India and China share a 2,000-mile border. On a menu of the world’s cuisines, they have often overlapped, connected by the Silk Road’s spice traders to delicious effect.

Bamboo decor at Inchin's Bamboo Garden

Bamboo partitions separate tables at Inchin’s Bamboo Garden.

About three centuries ago, a wave of Chinese folks struck out for a new life in Kolkata, or Calcutta, capital of India’s West Bengal state. The restaurateurs among them figured out how to modify classic Chinese dishes, and exploit indigenous ingredients, creating another subgenre of Chinese cuisine.

The United States got chop suey, egg foo yung and General Tso’s chicken from its enterprising Chinese immigrants. India got dishes like lamb dumplings in savory tomato cream, sweet-and-sour paneer, and Singapore rice noodles, stir-fried with curry oil.

Now those crossover classics are available in Amherst, along with a host of more purely Indian or Chinese dishes, at

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China is promoting a boatload of misinformation about Maine lobster

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It’s a trap!

Members of the Chinese media and government (often a distinction without a difference) are trying to convince people that Maine lobster had something to do with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t take the bait.

Chinese media outlets have  now suggested that a 2019 shipment of Maine lobster was a “Pandora’s box” that ushered in the global pandemic. This isn’t the only fishy deflection that Chinese officials have tossed into the water. Previously, they’ve cast aspersions about other imported food, including  Australian seafood. Now it seems that Maine lobster is next on their menu of COVID-19 origin distractions.

The timing and aim of these attempts at confusion are no mystery. It comes after China has

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Viking Kicks Off Inaugural China Coastal Cruise From Shenzhen With Chinese-Flagged Ship “CM-Yidun”

Viking Kicks Off Inaugural China Coastal Cruise From Shenzhen With Chinese-Flagged Ship “CM-Yidun”

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viking® announced today the maiden voyage of Chinese-flagged ship “CM-Yidun” under a joint-venture with China Merchants Shekou. The ship sets sail from Shenzhen Shekou Port and will cruise to Sanya in Hainan before returning to Shenzhen on an 8-day itinerary, marking the first of a planned series of China Coastal Cultural Cruises.

“It is very exciting that we are able to launch a brand-new product and the first of its kind in China. We have always been about exploring the world in comfort, and now we offer our Chinese guests an opportunity to rediscover their own backyard in a new way – culturally enriching, in elegant comfort and with a unique touch of Nordic hospitality,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking.

He added “We believe cruising is a boom industry

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Takeout for under $25 at Asheville’s China Taste

Asheville has long cried loudly for a great New York style Chinese takeout restaurant. A few years ago, China Taste appeared in a small strip mall location off State Street in West Asheville to try to fill that void.

State Street spans from Haywood Road to Amboy Road, a commuter thoroughfare from the RAD and South to the westside. It’s an ideal location for easy dinner pickup, especially since China Taste’s delivery only runs in a 3-mile radius.

No, this is not a new take on Chinese food. But what the restaurant offers is focused mainly on delivery and takeout with a quick turnaround time, a concept most will readily buy into.

China Taste is located on State Street in West Asheville. Featured above is their Moo Shu Pork, Fried Rice, Fried Dumplings, and Duck sauce.

China Taste’s menu covers virtually any classic Chinese takeout dish most have heard of. I grabbed a paper copy of the menu, which lists 107 items, not including five other subsidiary menus, including chef’s specials and hibachi

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