Fine dining chef Eric Huang pivots to making fried chicken in Queens so good it has 6-week wait

FRESH MEADOWS, Queens (WABC) — As many people and businesses have had to pivot during the pandemic, a gourmet chef in NYC has found success with fried chicken. In fact, it’s become so popular you can only order it online and only if you know the secret code.

“People just really want to eat something great and have it conveniently delivered,” said Eric Huang, chef, and owner of Pecking House.

It sounds great, but fried chicken was never the plan for this former fine-dining chef.

Huang spent 10 years cooking in some of New York’s most exclusive restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park, which was voted best in the world four years ago.

He left last January with ill-fated hopes of running his own high-end kitchen.

“I was like, I want to be a Michelin star chef and that’s what I worked toward for 10 years, and then obviously

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Fast food restaurant Shake Shack accused of cultural appropriation over ‘Korean-style’ chicken sandwich

Popular fast food chain Shake Shack has released a new line of products in its US stores, but some are accusing the restaurant of cultural appropriation for its “Korean-style” menu items.

The limited-edition menu includes a Korean-style fried chicken sandwich, white kimchi ‘slaw, nuggets and fries served with a gochujang sauce’ and a black sugar vanilla shake. With 275 locations around the world, this particular menu is only available in US stores, until 5 April.

It is the use of traditional Korean ingredient gochujang – a type of chilli paste – that is causing a stir,  with some accusing the restaurant of trying to profit from other cultures while appealing to a mass market in the easiest and most basic way possible.

One Twitter user wrote: “Very unsure how I feel about shake shack making a korean fried chicken sandwich and gochujang mayo fries. It sort of smells, kind of

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