This fast food chain is serving Pop Rocks-inspired chicken

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From San Tung to Kezar, San Francisco is an underrated chicken wing city

Hot take: San Francisco is an underrated chicken wing city. There, I said it.

But it’s not just me saying it; the chicken wing game has some backers amongst chefs, too. “Everyone is so talented right now. Like everyone is guns blazing. It’s good to see,” said Shawn Naputi, chef and co-owner of Prubechu in the Mission.

Other cities obviously have a bigger reputation for wings, of course. Buffalo, New York, is the namesake of the fried drums and flats drenched in a mixture of hot sauce and butter. Atlanta is known for the lemon pepper category of wings. Washington, D.C., has mumbo sauce on theirs. Heck, even Portland, Oregon, was known as a wing city mostly for the fame brought by the now-defunct restaurant Pok Pok. But San Francisco is up there with the best. 

We don’t have one particular wing we’re famous for, like the aforementioned cities, but

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America’s Largest Asian Chain Is Selling Out of This New Chicken Dish

A beloved Chinese food chain recently took a risk when they introduced a progressive protein dish to their menu. It turns out, that move was a success—so much that they’re looking to take this item wider.

Last month, in collaboration with Beyond Meat, Panda Express introduced a vegan version of their bestselling Orange Chicken dish, calling the plant-based remix “Beyond the Original Orange Chicken.”

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Their aim, as they confirmed with Eat This, Not That! last month, was to test the plant-based item only in 10 Southern California and New York locations to help determine whether it could resonate across more markets. Based on the response, that seems likely.

This week, Insider reported that Panda Express sold through 1,300 pounds of the product on the launch’s first day. Meanwhile, the California locations that served the new dish sold out entirely “in

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Panda Express adds plant-based Beyond Meat orange chicken to its menu

Panda Express just revealed that it has added Beyond Meat orange chicken to its menu. This plant-based option will be available in select restaurants in Southern California and New York City.

CNBC noted that Panda Express would be the very first restaurant that features an Asian concept to include Beyond Meat products on its menu. The new dish in the Chinese fast-food chain is called Beyond the Original Orange Chicken.

Beyond Meat in Panda Express

Beyond Meat has already teamed up with other leading fast-food giants such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and many more. The American producer of plant-based meat alternatives has supplied the vegan options for most of the restaurants, and now it has partnered with Panda Express to provide the same food substitute.

Beyond Meat discontinued its original chicken alternative products in 2019, and the company is giving it’s chicken business another shot. It launched its vegan

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