Meet Chef Deepanker Khosla, winner of the 2021 Champions of Change award

Meet Chef Deepanker Khosla, winner of the 2021 Champions of Change award

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Meet Chef Deepanker Khosla, winner of the 2021 Champions of Change award

It was 2016 and Chef Deepanker Khosla had spent a rather fruitful—and profitable—few days feeding people who had thronged to the Chiang Rai International Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was just after he had completed an 800km journey serving Indian food with a twist.

He was already breaking several moulds: Indian food was still an anomaly in the inner lands and coastal regions of these Asian countries. It was food that melded classic Indian with local ingredients and Mexican influences. Butter chicken and rice burrito, Indian fish tikka taco and lamb vindaloo quesadilla, served from a converted Tata Truck (reminding him of home) to a bunch of cool hipsters who had gathered for a cool ballooning event, isn’t everyday stuff in Thailand.

Unfortunately, his food truck broke down (no one told him about steep mountain

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NYC chef shares her restaurant plans for Kinderhook

It’s not easy to take the city girl out of the city — but NYC chef Hannah Wong is doing quite well in her new Hudson Valley home of Kinderhook in Columbia County.

Wong relocated in July to be the executive chef of a trio of food concepts in the Kinderhook Knitting Mill, a 19th century knitting factory turned culinary oasis. Under Wong’s direction is a daytime coffee, tea, and lunch spot, Morningbird, which began serving lunch last week; a cocktail lounge called The Nest slated to open in spring 2022; along with a new Indo-Dutch restaurant, the Aviary.

Other shops will join the multi-purpose space: OK Pantry, a general store and soda fountain with a curated selection of Scandinavian and Japanese brands; and the Kinderhook Bottle Shop offering natural wines from smaller producers, both opening in December.

Wong, who is ethnically Korean and grew up with adoptive Chinese

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My Five Favorite Meals with Chef Jordan Trent Harris

Jordan Trent Harris is a Michelin Man.

As executive sous chef at Sushi Ginza Onodera in Tokyo and New York, working alongside legendary master sushi chef Masaki Saito, he was a key part of the team that earned two Michelin stars. He also got a star as the chef de cuisine for New York’s acclaimed Aldea, the venerable Portuguese restaurant that closed at the beginning of the pandemic.

Born in Kentucky, which is a long way physically and psychically from Tokyo where he learned the magic arts of sushi and Japanese cuisine, Jordan has come full circle from his Southern upbringing to wind up back in the South. He will be the executive chef at Mujō, an upscale traditional Japanese restaurant in Atlanta, which opens this fall. Mujō means “impermanence” in Japanese and is a core tenet in Buddhist thinking, that whereas life appears to be a continuous flow, in

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Ying Jing Ma, acclaimed chef of Chef Ma’s Chinese Gourmet Restaurant, dies at 59 | Off the Menu

Chef Ma's Chinese Gourmet (copy)

A photograph of chef Ying Jing Ma overlooks the dining room Feb. 8, 2017, at Chef Ma’s Chinese Gourmet Restaurant in Overland. 

Ying Jing Ma, whose singular cooking in an erstwhile Taco Bell in Overland won him devoted customers and critical acclaim, died Aug. 4.

Ma was 59. The cause of death was not available.

The Hong Kong native made his name in St. Louis with Chef Ma’s Chinese Gourmet Restaurant, which opened in 2015 at 2336 Woodson Road, a former Taco Bell building that has since housed several independent restaurants.

In the restaurant’s original location, a photograph of Ma in crisp chef’s whites overlooked the small dining room. His menu featured both regional Chinese dishes — Hainan chicken rice was a signature item — and American Chinese fare.

Ma’s cooking drew praise from St. Louis food media. Among its plaudits, Chef Ma’s was a

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