An Understanding of Millennial Asian Taste, at Hupo

“This is bad to broadcast, but, for Hupo, COVID was at first a curse and then, well, an opportunity,” the thirty-one-year-old Jiawen Zhu said of the Sichuanese eatery he co-owns, which opened not long before the pandemic first besieged New York, in March, 2020. As many other Chinese restaurants shuttered, Zhu worked with a skeletal crew of three to keep the doors open. It likely helped, he said, that Hupo is situated in Long Island City, where a fivefold increase in Asian residents in the past decade has transformed the neighborhood. “When something as strange and destabilizing as a pandemic happens, you want to find the familiar,” Zhu remarked. At Hupo, a few solid culinary standbys offer the assurance that “even if the sky falls, Sichuanese will still be here.”

Chongqing roasted fish (above) arrives a shade of rusted crimson, under a sheath of peppers and cilantro, steeped in what
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U.S. Online Asian Grocer Karman Foods Announces Launch Of Restaurant and Food Service Provisions Division

Online Asian market Karman Foods sells Chinese groceries, Korean groceries, Japanese groceries and Thai groceries.

Karman Foods Delivers Quality Asian Food at Great Prices

“We really appreciate that Karman Foods was able to help us keep items on the menu during these times of shortages,” a True Food Kitchen spokesperson commented.

Karman Foods, the U.S.-based Asian grocery retailer well known for its online Asian market, today announced the launch of a wholesale Asian grocery division serving the restaurant and food services industries. The new division will provide U.S. nationwide delivery of Korean and Japanese packaged groceries that restaurants and foodservice operators commonly use. As the division expands in the future, it will add Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Chinese groceries. The launch of the new division responds to many inquiries from restaurants for service from Karman.

“For us, adding nationwide Asian grocery delivery in larger quantities at wholesale pricing for the restaurant sector is a natural

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These 2 Bellevue neighborhoods are packed with great Asian food options. Here are 3 great places to try

Downtown Bellevue is packed with great Asian restaurants, with famous international chains like Haidilao, Din Tai Fung and The Dolar Shop set amid high-rise office buildings and apartments. But about 3 ½ miles east is another worthy Asian food destination: the Crossroads and Highlands neighborhoods.

The restaurants in this area of town aren’t as glitzy as those downtown, but the food is excellent, with strip malls offering fantastic Yunnan-style rice noodles, hot pot, thali platters and more. 

The heart of this Asian food mecca is probably the Bellevue Marketplace shopping center, which hosts 13 Asian restaurants, a location of the Japanese Fuji Bakery, the Taiwanese 85°C Bakery Cafe, the Asian Family Market grocery store and India Supermarket.

So, if you’re dining in the area, you can stock your pantry, too. I bought some soy-marinated eggs and suimi yacai (Sichuan pickled mustard stems) from Asian Family Market and some chatpata

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Loro Gives A Master Class on Blending Asian and Barbecue

It’s a risky business these days to fuse styles of food. In these prickly times, what seems like the harmless blending of cooking techniques and styles can easily blow up. Make a misstep or show disrespect, and what used to be called “fusion cuisine” becomes “cultural appropriation.”

So, maybe it takes a lot of guts in 2021 to open up Loro, a place that calls itself an “Asian Smokehouse & Bar.” Borrowing flavors and styles from the East and Texas barbecue to create a menu? Texans don’t like being messed with, and that goes double when it comes to their barbecue. But perhaps the larger risk is seeing two white male chefs bring an “Asian Smokehouse” concept from Austin to Dallas. Recent history here shows how quickly tempers can flare.

For example, last year’s social media feud between Mot Hai Ba’s chef Peja Krstic and several Vietnamese American women

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