As many of you know, I have become the resident “Foodie” here at the station. 

I have tried to check out as many local places for food as I can.  We have done several food tasting videos from ice cream, spicy sandwiches, and Coca-Cola new flavors.  I have not been able to do a Food Adventures article in a while.  But tomorrow, there is an event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds that peaks my interests and may also peak yours.

I am truly amazed that many of these food trucks can generate such high quality and delicious food in such a small space.  But I know that if you can control your food costs, these trucks can be quite profitable.  It is all about getting return customers and putting out a consistent product.  Here are the trucks that will be there tomorrow:

Talgio’s Pizzeria – Wood Fired Pizza

Food Spot – Corn Dogs, Burgers, Fries

Sticks – Chocolate Covered Fruit-on-a-Stick

The Munch Truck – Sandwiches, Pita’s and More

There are a lot of choices there, and I can’t imagine being able to enjoy all of them.  But try and pick a few and perhaps my co-workers will choose the others and we can take a lot of pictures to share with you.  Some of the trucks will only be open for a short time, so keep that in mind when you plan out which one you want to check out.

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