Dried limes originated in Persia where locals found a way of draining the citrus out of the fruit and yet, use it in more different but conventional ways. 

The Persian dried limes were created by placing the fruit under the sun’s heat and waiting for its colour to change into a darker tone; thus, the inside would entail a dry texture. 

It is also known as black lime, Noomi Basra, limoo Amani, and loomi. Consequently, locals enjoy its taste by adding it to different home-cooked meals that anyone who opts to taste will surely be loved.

How the Tasty Persian Dried Limes are Created

Tasty Persian dried limes are ordinary citrus fruit but were later on boiled in a hot pot and a massive amount of salt. Iranians would leave the fruit alone until it is as hard as a rock before getting the needed parts for the meal.

In Iran and Iraq, food would never be complete with the dried limes’ taste because it is the staple of every dish in the Gulf state countries. Thus, it is one of their secrets to having a tasty dish without making much effort. The tiny pieces of a Persian dried lime can indeed impact the whole meal you opt to create.

What is the Taste of the Persian Dried Limes

Locals have said that it is a taste that combines both sour and aroma, which later leaves a taste on the mouth of anyone who consumes a meal with it. Dried limes are different from any other citrus fruit that has not been fermented since it provides a unique taste that will be remarkable, unlike any other.

With the dried lime’s unique taste, it became a trademark to the meal and entreés served in the Middle Eastern countries since it entails a showering flavour that cannot be found on any other meals. Despite the amount of imitation being created worldwide, foreigners who try to recreate the dishes cannot master the perfect taste because of this secret. 

Some of the components and ingredients needed to create a tasty and flavorful dish are often found in the country alone, therefore, if they plan to import goods from the Gulf State area rest assured that it would cause them a ton of expenses. 

How to Use the Persian Dried Lime

The Persian dried limes are sold in the market in two different forms. One can be in a complete state, and the other can be through a powdered form. Both of which are placed in a secured bottle that is entirely sealed for the moist to refrain from affecting the current state of the limes. 

The whole Persian dried limes are often used for soups and stews since it will immediately pass its flavour onto the liquid once it is placed on the dish. Locals recommended slicing the dried limes in half before using it to infuse the flavour perfectly and equally. 

On the other hand, the powdered Persian dried lime is often used to marinate meat or chickens or serve as an ending garnish for your goods. You can easily do this at home if you have the whole dried limes by merely grinding it on your grinder. It may look like a ground black pepper with a pungent smell perfect for a flavorful dish in standard terms.


Middle Eastern countries have been notable for their flavorful and decadent dishes perfect for all seasons. They already prepared everything such as rice, meat, vegetables, and even noodles in a single meal. Recreating the entreés from those countries are quite tricky because they instilled different herbs and spices that will make your mouth water.

Nevertheless, learning the recipes for these good meals will always be the best idea to suffice your midnight cravings, especially if you live on the different side of the world far from these countries.