Ido Fishman Shares Tips For Making Café-Style Coffee At Home

Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who does not like coffee. Many people spend around $5 on average every day on caffeinated beverages from cafes. This can come up to a total of around $100 per month which is a large amount for coffee. The reason why people spend so much on coffees is that the barista-made coffees somehow taste better than what you make at home. Moreover, it is much more convenient to just buy the flavor of coffee that you are craving instead of making it yourself.

However, if you are interested in creating your own coffee blends that taste just like your favorite coffee shop, then Ido Fishman Chef has the answer for you. The culinary expert shares some fail-proof tips of how you can achieve the barista-like flavor in your homemade coffees.

Fail-proof Tips For Café-Style Coffees

Coffee Beans Not Grounds

The key to achieving the café-style coffee aroma and flavor is to get coffee beans. Avoid purchasing grounded coffee as they undergo a lot of processes and lose a lot of its flavor and scent. By purchasing coffee grounds, you can make sure that you have the most aromatic and flavorful coffee every day. What makes this tip so credible is that coffee grounding utensils are not expensive at all. So, you can easily grind fresh coffee beans whenever you crave a good coffee. The quality of the coffee that you make at home can change drastically if you just switch to coffee beans.

Use Filtered Water

People typically don’t pay much attention to the water that they use for their coffee. Make sure to use filtered or boiled water to get the maximum flavor out of your coffee grounds. If you use tap water, then the minerals and other substances will not dissolve with the coffee which will make a weak brew. If you are using freshly boiled water, make sure to let it cool down before brewing your coffee with it or you may end up with a burnt flavor.

Grind Fresh

A theory suggests that more people are addicted to the smell of the coffee grounds rather than the taste. This is why Ido Fishman suggests that you should grind your own coffee beans. The coffee grounds begin to lose their aroma around 30 minutes after they have been ground. So, make sure to work efficiently. Moreover, you should also make sure that you are not over or under grinding your coffee beans. Aim for a medium-fine grind for the best flavor.  So, always make sure the grind the amount that you need.

Steam The Milk

Some coffees simply cannot be made with boiled milk. Many people think that boiling the milk is equivalent to steaming it for lattes and cappuccinos. However, this is not the case. Steaming and boiling the milk have different effects on the texture of the milk. Since many people don’t own a steamer, a great alternative is to use an electric frother which comes at a very affordable price. You can froth the milk when it is cold and then heat it in the microwave.

Brewing Methods

The brewing methods for different coffee grounds vary and they matter. So, don’t just follow one single brewing method for all coffee beans. The process of brewing alters the taste of the coffee. So, for instance, if you want a strong flavor, you won’t achieve it with an automatic drip coffeemaker. Similarly, the brewing temperature also affects the flavor of the coffee. It’s best to use a thermometer to ensure that you have the right temperature.

Final Words

After reading this article, I am sure the quality of the coffee that you make at home will change drastically. Remember, the flavor of the coffee that you find at cafes and coffee shops is achieved through a process. While you don’t need to purchase the fancy equipment that they use, you need to follow the right steps to get the best flavor. Follow these fail-proof tips by Ido Fishman and enjoy the luxury of having professionally made coffee on a budget! You don’t have to spend a portion of your income on coffees anymore.