Cookies inspired by Japanese cuisine

Masako, an Osaka-based mother and baker extraordinaire, creates cookies inspired by Japanese cuisine. While the tiny treats may look like mini meals, they’re actually simple sugar cookies topped with intricately sculpted icing – a delicious and inventive craft she showcases on Instagram.

An avid baker, Masako has documented her collection of cookies for about a year now. While always impressive, her dessert designs have come a long way—though she’s always had a penchant for recreating familiar foods. In the past, she often paid homage to classic snacks like bacon, hot dogs, and cupcakes, as well as a delicious assortment of strikingly realistic cakes. She’s also reimagined bouquets of flowers, festive holiday trimmings, and even impressive icing drawings of beloved movie characters. Few of her creations, however, were as detailed as the Japanese food-inspired treats she beautifully bakes today.

Far from your average cookies, Masako’s latest creations transcend sprinkles, frosting,

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Exotic Infused Sauce Delivers a Welcome Kick to Food and Cocktails

Two leading food companies have devised a flagship sauce that packs all the color, taste and characteristics of Japan’s Tokushima Prefecture in a bottle.

Months of collaboration between Bando Foods and Kawazoe Orchard has resulted in the tangy and spicy Bakasco, a yuzu-infused pepper-like sauce, designed to give food an extra boost in quality.

The sauce defines the very essence and charm of the nature-rich Tokushima as all the selected, main ingredients packed into a bottle of Bakasco – chilli peppers, yuzu juice, and persimmons – are sourced from the prefecture.

Bakasco has been certified organic by the Japanese Standards of Agriculture (JAS). It is perfect for pork stir-fries, gyozas, thick Japanese noodles and fried foods. 

The sauce, which comes in a 60ml bottle, can also be used to make spaghetti with oil and garlic, and be used with assorted seafood rice bowls, sashimi, oysters, roast beef, meat dishes, soups,

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Is Learning Japanese Hard? No! And The Pros Outweigh The Cons

Did you know learning a second language makes you smarter? Research shows that bilingualism increases cognitive function as you age and delays the onset of dementia. In addition, you become more tolerant and improve your cultural intelligence. That’s a competitive edge for people who work with globally distributed teams.

Although it may be a herculean task to speak like a local, being bilingual, or even a polyglot, builds your brain muscles. An MRI scan has proven that some parts of language students’ brains have enlarged compared to those in a control group. So, if you want to develop more of your global and social skills, then why not learn Japanese? It’s not that tough as you think, and learning it has more pros than cons.

Pros of Learning Japanese

Study Learn a new language without being overwhelmed. Set a time for yourself and explore Nihonggo. Photo: Pixabay

It Isn’t a

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Pandemic cuisine: Odd pairings, old favorites on the menu

NEW YORK — Whether it’s kimchi, beets or broccoli, the pandemic has had a strange impact on food cravings that goes beyond the joy of comfort eating.

Nearly a year into isolation, many people are embracing foods long forgotten or rejected for taste, texture or smell. Some have forced themselves to re-evaluate health-focused foods to help boost their immune systems. And with home cooking at a high, there’s a new adventurousness in the kitchen.

For Maeri Ferguson, 31, in Brooklyn, it’s all about pears.

After recovering from COVID-19, she spent months without normal taste and smell. So many foods she loved just didn’t satisfy. Now, Ferguson can again sense sweetness, saltiness and spiciness, but most foods lack nuance in flavor.

Not pears.

“My whole life I always passed on pears. Not because I didn’t like them. They just intimidated me,” Ferguson said. “I didn’t understand the differences between varietals, how

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