Why you should be eating biscuit pizza, an endlessly versatile and crowd pleasing food with soul

Karter Louis wants us to remember where American food came from, and he feels the route there is on a biscuit. Specifically, a Soul Slice biscuit pizza, the San Francisco by way of Louisville restaurateur’s latest venture. 

This is not, he hastens to note, to be confused with Italian pizza (another American creation as we know the dish, he would add). No. This is a straight-up biscuit crust, a most American of ingredients, topped with soul food. Because, he says, “the landscape of traditional American cuisine is based on soul food.” 

So let’s start by calling it what it is: People talk about southern food and comfort food, Karter says. “Say soul food. No one will say soul food. Why can’t you say soul food?”

“Southern food is just hijacked soul food in a lot of cases,” he points out. As for comfort food, well, that’s different for everyone

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Best Super Bowl food in NJ?

Most people think about traditional “snack” food when they settle in to watch the big game. Wings, chips and dip, pizza, you name it, there’s nothing like a feast of “junk” food to celebrate an American tradition. According to one report, it’s buffalo chicken dip that tops the chart for New Jerseyans.

Now, you know that I was off watching the NFL for a while, just sick of the hypocrisy, negativity, outright cop bashing and celebration of criminal behavior. There’s still a lot to hate about the National Football League for sure. That said, there are regular people who are starting to come back to work after the absurdity of keeping fans out of the stands. I want to see crowded stadiums again and see working men and women back slinging beer and hot dogs. Ticket takers, parking attendants all deserve a shot at making a living. I’ll still

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Traditional Irish food, tacos and great service at this Michigan’s Best Outdoor Dining spot

HOLLAND, MI – It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, the owners at The Curragh Traditional Irish Pub just want you to come out to the Lakeshore and have a good time.

“It’s pronounced ‘Cur-ruh’, but we don’t correct anybody,” said Sophia Leongas, who has owned the downtown eatery since 2004.

“We’re just happy they’re here,” said her husband, Dave Jurgensen.

The Curragh finished in second place of our poll for Michigan’s Best Outdoor Dining for Muskegon and the Lakeshore, but it was the only place in Holland nominated by MLive readers.

Even though they didn’t win, they were just happy to be nominated, especially after such a challenging year.

“Last year was tough,” said Leongas, who originally owned J.J. Finnegan’s in Holland. “We were holding our breath. But the summer came through for us. It was a good summer, considering.”

A little excitement is good as Michigan restaurants across

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