Salmon with Lemon and Oregano

An easy to make seafood dish, my Salmon with Lemon and Oregano uses my two favorite ingredients and is ready in only 20 minutes.

Forkful of salmon with lemon and oregano.

I love salmon, and so does my heart. Super rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein and various vitamins and nutrients, you’ll hardly find a healthier option for your dinner table. And when it comes to seafood, you can’t find a much easier dish to make than my Salmon with Lemon and Oregano.


  • Salmon fillets: Like previously mentioned, salmon is very healthy for you, and is rich and slightly oily in flavor. My favorite is wild salmon, as it’s lower in fat but higher in iron and calcium.
  • Lemon zest: As long as you don’t zest too far into the white, lemon zest is intensely citrusy in flavor without being bitter.
  • Dried oregano: Bold and earthy in flavor, oregano is used in many cuisines
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New food truck venue in Farmington provides a healthy environment for people on the road to recovery

FARMINGTON, N.M. – As the days get longer, and the temperatures get hotter, many people go out to socialize. But for people struggling with addiction, that can be a challenge because of certain social groups and the pressure that can go along with that.

However, a new place in Farmington called “Locke Street Eats” is aiming to provide a safe environment for people on the road to recovery.

The co-founder of Cottonwood Clinical Services, William DuTremaine helps people overcome addiction. He has a mental health clinic and a gym to help get them on the right path, but something was still missing.

“When you’re in the addiction and you have a certain group of friends and you’re trying to change your path, you don’t know how to get back into society, and there isn’t a lot out there to help you make friends and interact with people,” DuTremaine said.


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