Lanzhou beef noodle soup at Kungfu Ramen

There was something about the words “Kungfu” and “Ramen” that didn’t track. Chinese martial artists selling Japanese noodle soup? I circled around the parking lot for a closer look at the colorful food photos posted on the front window of the Tempe restaurant. In between xiaolongbao soup dumplings and a chile glazed platter of cumin beef, there was photo after photo of glistening Chinese soups showcasing epic noodle pulls.

“Hand-pulled ramen. Famous chef from D.C.,” the sign outside Kungfu Ramen read. 

A man wearing a white chef’s cap was pictured in front of another restaurant, Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle, located in a Maryland suburb of Washington D.C. In 2019, the restaurant was written up in the Washington Post for its faithful renditions of a Muslim Chinese noodle soup, ubiquitous across China but relatively unknown in the United States. “The yellow noodles were hothouse flowers, soft and retreating. They almost dissolved

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At Mexico City’s Cafes Chinos, Chilaquiles and Chop Suey at 2 a.m.

I’m sitting with a giant plate of chop suey beneath the painted gaze of Martin de Porres, the Catholic saint of racial harmony. His solemnity is mocked by the smiling, rosy-cheeked baby dressed for the Chinese New Year who appears on the wall next to him. A busker walks in strumming a mournful Mexican bolero. Outside, Calle del Carmen is overflowing with vendors hawking knock-off designer purses, cheap sunglasses, and sweaters for dogs, while inside, a quiet nostalgia permeates the Cafe Goya, one of the few remaining cafes chinos (Chinese cafes) in Mexico City.

Founded by Chinese immigrants to Mexico City in the early 20th century, cafes chinos were small restaurants popular with the city’s working class, offering a cheap, fast meal and a friendly meeting point for the neighborhood. Most cafes chinos share a sort of 1950s diner aesthetic, with rows of vinyl booths and long common bars with

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Best Chinese Restaurant in Every State

Dumpling Darling, Iowa City, Iowa

Dumpling Darling/Yelp

From shrimp fried rice to egg foo young, Americans love Chinese food. It’s hard to imagine there are many towns in the entire country that don’t have their own go-to spot for fried wontons, egg drop soup, and pork lo mein — and try as we may to recreate our favorite take-out dishes at home, its never quite the same as going out. Just as common as Chinese restaurants, however, are arguments about which one is best. All 50 of these local favorites can easily make an argument for tops in their respective states.

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Mr. Chen's, Birmingham, Alabama

Zhi L./

Taiwanese flair is the name of the game at Mr. Chen’s. Locals rave about hefty portions and out-of-the-ordinary dishes. The price is right and the menu is overflowing with vegetarian selections.

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