Will supply issues impact at-home meal prices?

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Thanksgiving is just around the corner and some are already planning out their menu.

So, will supply issues mean a pricier dinner in 2021?

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Foodland is stocked up for Thanksgiving and their message to customers is to plan ahead. There are other options that are always available for a great Thanksgiving meal if a turkey is not your thing.

“A Hawaii potluck is going to have turkey, it’s gonna probably have prime rib. It’ll probably have Chinese noodles, it’ll have sushi, you’ll have crispy Gau Gee, you’ll probably have other things.”

Chef Keoni Chang, Foodland Farms Ala Moana chief food officer

Chang said Foodland has been preparing for Thanksgiving since spring 2021 and has plenty of ingredients for your meal. But what

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Our Favorite Stories from California Foodways

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This week, we’re bringing you some of our favorite stories from the award-winning series California Foodways. Since 2014, Lisa Morehouse has reported about the unexpected ways food plays a role in our lives, and in the history of California.  

We’re headed to the Imperial Valley, on both sides of the US/Mexico border. If you ask people in the city of Mexicali, Mexico about their most notable regional cuisine, they won’t say street tacos or mole, They’ll say Chinese food.  Above the border, the population’s mostly Latino, but Chinese restaurants are super popular, too. And that’s where you’ll eat some dishes you won’t find anywhere else.

What do E-40,  Saweetie and Kenny Rogers have in common?  They’ve all parlayed their fame to sell food, in restaurants and chains.  Now, how many celebrity restaurateurs can actually cook?

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