TikToker Documents ‘Sketchy’ Apartment Complex

A TikToker named Cody has been documenting some of the intricacies of his Atlanta apartment complex, including menus stuck in doors for days and vehicles in the parking garage that are collecting dust. 

Is this something sinister, or completely explainable?

In his initial TikTok, posted on Halloween, Cody says that although he was told the building is full, several doors have Chinese food menus stuck in them—which he says were put there two days earlier. Well, that’s not that strange, right?

He then shows the parking garage, which he claims houses more cars than there are apartment units (on his floor, at least). In a more recent TikTok, Cody, again in the parking garage, zooms in on a car with tags that expired in 2019, covered in what appears to be a layer of dust. He also visited the property’s website, which apparently shows four open units. Cody started the

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22 Food Service Workers Revealed Their Worst Encounters With Entitled Customers, And These People Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Restaurants

Working in food service can be very physically and mentally taxing. Even though the work is tough, it is often very underappreciated. Though many customers are generous and kind, other can be nasty, demanding, and entitled.

jimmy fallon as a fast food cashier getting scolded by a customer holding mustard


We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who have worked in food service to tell us about the most entitled customers they’ve ever dealt with. The responses were beyond infuriating. Here are some of the most shocking stories:

Note: Some submissions contain stories of sexual harassment.

1.“I worked at McDonald’s in college. We HAD to pick up part of Christmas Day, as no one was allowed to be off. A customer screamed at me and told me I was ruining her Christmas because we were out of peppermint mocha coffee. Her husband said they would take regular mochas instead, but when I handed it to her, she cried and poured it on

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