Chinese takeout recipes you can make at home

You’ll find various lists of the “top 10 most-ordered” foods for take-out Chinese, menu items such as orange chicken, pot stickers and wonton soup. Most aren’t easy to prepare at home, which is one reason, over and above global pandemics, why woks at Chinese restaurants are busy always.

But a couple of very popular Chinese restaurant menu items are easy to make at home — and might be better for it. But for a couple of special ingredients (such as toasted sesame seed oil or sweet soy sauce, increasingly available at mainline groceries), they are hot and sour soup and fried rice.

Tips for making Asian restaurant-style fried rice:

  • This is universal advice for preparing rice. Always rinse raw rice before cooking it (except for making risotto). That removes a lot of surface starch from the grains and makes for more separable grains.
  • For fried rice, try to use day-old
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On Your Next Vancouver Layover, Explore the Nearby City of Richmond

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Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is a misnomer—British Columbia’s biggest airport isn’t actually in the city at all. Planes actually touch down in Richmond, B.C., a destination fewer have heard of, lying just across the Fraser River from downtown Vancouver.

With about 224,000 inhabitants, Richmond itself is British Columbia’s fourth-largest city, though it’s unremarkable at first glance with its low-key sprawl wrapped by fishing piers and estuaries. But look a little deeper and Richmond has earned a quiet rep among food lovers for some of the continent’s finest Asian cuisine—after all, the Chinese community here has roots extending to the province’s gold rush days. The area is home to dim sum palaces, Hong Kong-style barbecue joints, and a night market that

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A guide to the best Korean food in America

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