‘Anyone can enjoy food from any culture’

MONTGOMERY, Ohio — For Edward Zha and Katherine Wen, cooking is about more than food.

It’s about celebrating their Chinese heritage and sharing it with others.

That’s more important than ever now, they said, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the anti-Asian rhetoric that has accompanied it.

“During this crisis, like, Asian hate and all that, we really need to be proud of ourselves and show who we really are,” said Edward, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Mason Middle School.

“We shouldn’t be ashamed of showing our culture and things that we enjoy,” added Katherine, a 15-year-old sophomore at Sycamore High School. “I think with food, you don’t really need to know a certain language or be part of a culture. Anyone can enjoy food from any culture, so I think that’s really nice.”

The teens have been honing their cooking skills – and building their pride – as part

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Wusong Road, Chinese American Restaurant and Tiki Bar, Slated for Late Fall Harvard Square Debut | News

Harvard Square will soon welcome Wusong Road, a newly established Chinese American restaurant and tiki bar headed by chef Jason Doo and Thomas Brush, the owner of Felipe’s Taqueria.

Wusong Road is aiming for a “late fall” opening on 112 Mt. Auburn St., the historic building where French restaurant Les Sablons used to be, Doo said in an interview. The new restaurant is located near Flour Bakery and the Harvard Square Hotel.

Doo said the restaurant has been in the works for a long time. He added that though he and his business partners formulated the business idea before the pandemic, the spike in anti-Asian sentiments during Covid-19 motivated them to delay the opening.

Doo said the team envisions Wusong’s first floor operating as a “rice plate” restaurant — with specialities including Chinese-style roast meats such as pork, duck, and chicken at an affordable price.

“We’re actually importing an imperial-style

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