From San Tung to Kezar, San Francisco is an underrated chicken wing city

Hot take: San Francisco is an underrated chicken wing city. There, I said it.

But it’s not just me saying it; the chicken wing game has some backers amongst chefs, too. “Everyone is so talented right now. Like everyone is guns blazing. It’s good to see,” said Shawn Naputi, chef and co-owner of Prubechu in the Mission.

Other cities obviously have a bigger reputation for wings, of course. Buffalo, New York, is the namesake of the fried drums and flats drenched in a mixture of hot sauce and butter. Atlanta is known for the lemon pepper category of wings. Washington, D.C., has mumbo sauce on theirs. Heck, even Portland, Oregon, was known as a wing city mostly for the fame brought by the now-defunct restaurant Pok Pok. But San Francisco is up there with the best. 

We don’t have one particular wing we’re famous for, like the aforementioned cities, but

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