Alternative proteins could let Boris Johnson have his steak and eat it

What we eat helps to define who we are. As Keith Floyd once said, “food is life, life is food”. Descriptions of Britishness often talk of fish and chips or roast beef, and we are a nation passionate about our food. So it’s understandable that politicians are wary of trying to influence our diets.

But perhaps inadvertently the Prime Minister has committed himself to doing just that. By backing a Net Zero economy, his government has legally bound itself to changing how people live their lives. That includes eating less meat.

According to the independent Committee on Climate Change, if the UK is to make good on its climate targets, meat consumption needs to fall by 20 per cent by 2030. Current trends towards veggie sausages and “plant-based diets” won’t deliver that change fast enough. Hitting the CCC’s target means the amount of meat we eat needs to fall

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1990s foods we’ll always love

The Nineties wasn’t that long ago – yet some classic foods from the decade feel worlds away. This was an era of low-calorie “treats”, promotional toys in cereal boxes, red velvet cupcakes and fast food innovations. Maybe you spent it sipping cosmopolitans like Carrie Bradshaw or, more likely, being begged to buy Dunkaroos and Warheads by the kids. Whichever it was, these foods are sure to take you back…

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