LOREN SHAUM: A taste of Mexico comes to Lake Country | News

The lot in Wawasee Village that long ago housed the highly popular Foo and Faye Chinese Restaurant now has a different ethnic look. Moving from Logansport into what was once Duffy’s Irish-themed bar, owner Shayla Canseco renovated the building into all things Mexico, including décor, drinks and food.

Opening July 9, the Los Toritos (translates to “the Bulls”) Mexican Grill has seen steady business and adds another food option in Lake Country.


The huge spiral-bound laminated menu is nine pages of Mexican delicacies, including a full page of lunch specials. There’s every kind of nacho, burrito, tostada, taco, tamale, quesadilla, chimichanga, enchilada, chalupa, tostaguac, salad, eggs and even chili relleno. The latter is a poblano stuffed with ground beef and cheese and topped with a red sauce.

Strangely, unlike other Mexican restaurants we’ve visited, there is no soup on the menu. A good chicken-tortilla soup would have

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Meet Ethel, The Chef Who Cooked Her Way From Les Amis to the Austrian Alps

Images courtesy of Ethel Hoon.


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Immigration has become a hot topic in the past year. Thus far, the discussion has mainly been centred around foreigners who chose to come to Singapore, but what about the other side of the picture? In ‘Singaporeans Abroad’, we share with you the stories of locals who—thanks to living in a globalised world—have found success in different corners of the globe, whether financially, romantically, or for the pure joy of adventure. 

Recently, we’ve heard from Wei Hui, who works with refugees in Syria, and Gary, who was arrested while backpacking in Xinjiang.

Now, we bring you Ethel Hoon. After studying at Le Cordon Bleu and cutting her teeth in some of the world’s best restaurants—most prominently Fäviken Magasinet, a two-Michelin starred restaurant in Sweden which was featured in Chef’s Table—she now runs a restaurant in an Austrian ski town with

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