Beer 88 turns former Asian restaurant into craft beer, burger joint

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Yao Liu opened a Chinese and Japanese restaurant after moving to the U.S. from China in the late 1980s. She says that she’s always loved craft beer, though. In 2015, Beer 88 was born.

Why 88? There are a few reasons. First, she says, “8 or 9 is a lucky number back in my culture.”

Secondly, she thought it would be too hard to have 99 beers available and opted for 88 instead. As she quickly learned, “We have more than like 88 beers.”

If you make it through one list of 88 different beers, you get your name on a glass. One look up inside the restaurant makes you wonder how do people get their name and pictures on a ceiling tile?

Liu tells us that’s what you get if you complete a second list of 88 beers. Talk about dedication!

While Liu loves the craft

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After 2022 Olympics coaching, Iowan opens Japanese restaurant in Ames

Ichiban, a new Japanese restaurant in Campustown, opened for business kind of by accident on June 11.

Located at 117 Welch Ave., Ichiban’s opening didn’t exactly go as owner Guan Wang had planned. After an Iowa State student with a food blog posted some photos and incorrectly listed the date for the restaurant’s soft opening, people started showing up.

That day, he had his staff come to the restaurant to run through the menu items, cooking some of each item.

“We opened accidentally,” Wang said. “I was actually going to bring the food that we cooked to nearby businesses and bars and just give it to them.”

Ichiban Ramen was instantly a popular item on the new Japanese restaurant's menu.

Around 5 p.m., people started creeping in.

“We didn’t have the open sign on or anything, but the doors were unlocked because we were coming in and out a lot,” he said.

Wang’s mom, Ling Lu, who owns the Wok n

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