Once popular fast food chains nobody will eat at again

Today, you can find McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell restaurants everywhere but 50 years ago, the places where we went for quick, value meals were very different. These are the major fast food brands that have now vanished.

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In Kashmir, Tibetan food nourishes refugee culture

SRINAGAR, India — On Srinagar’s Boulevard Road, visitors heading for the shore of the city’s scenic Dal Lake could easily miss Lhasa, but for the pagoda-style roof and wooden facade that mark its Tibetan heritage. Inside, Chinese paper lanterns cast a red gleam over framed portraits of the Tibetan city from which this popular restaurant gets its name.

The Tibetan exterior and decoration is no accident. When Abdul Rehman Zareif opened Lhasa in 1976, his motivation was partly to help to preserve the culture of Tibet, which he had been forced to flee after a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959.

“My father was deeply attached to the food of his original homeland in Tibet,” says Ahmad Zareif, one of Rehman Zareif’s sons, who now runs the restaurant with two other siblings. “Tibetan food reminded my father of his village, his family and his childhood. This restaurant helped him

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