Hong Kong’s secret night meal

Hong Kong’s secret night meal

(Image credit: Sarah Treleaven)

When in Hong Kong, take full advantage of the bustling food scene (Credit: Sarah Treleaven)

Hong Kongers revere food so much that they’ve created a little-known fourth meal that’s only eaten after dark.


Even as the sun sets over Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong’s streets stay full. Well past midnight, visitors can find wooden junk boats sailing across the moonlit water, streets colourfully lit by intricate neon signs, crowded night markets selling everything from knockoff sneakers to bags full of goldfish – and, of course, the warbling sounds of karaoke cutting through the fog-like humidity. But despite the seemingly limitless preoccupations of high-density Hong Kong, it’s the food that stands out as the true 24-hour cultural obsession.

In fact, Hong Kongers revere food so much that they’ve even created a little-known fourth meal – siu yeh (night-time snack) – that’s consumed late at night, typically between 9pm and 6am but any time between dinner and

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Look into Portland’s beloved restaurant scene before it was a foodie destination

PORTLAND, Maine —  Before it became a world-class foodie destination and engine of the city’s economic fortunes, Portland’s restaurant scene looked like a lot of fun.

That’s how old-school Portlander Abraham Schechter remembers it. The city library’s archivist, Schechter recently assembled a trove of historic menus and scenes from 1980s Portland restaurants for public viewing in the library’s digital collection.

Containing menus from 67 restaurants, bars and cafes, the new archive traces Portland’s nationally recognized food scene to its gritty, artsy origins.

Schechter found the menus years ago buried in a forgotten box in a storage room. It took the pandemic, which shuttered the library to the public, to give him the time to digitize the collection.

“I have always wanted to do what I just finished,” Schechter said of the project.

Many of the menus are handwritten or custom-printed by local artists and designers, allowing for flourishes of personality,

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