Fast food restaurant Shake Shack accused of cultural appropriation over ‘Korean-style’ chicken sandwich

Popular fast food chain Shake Shack has released a new line of products in its US stores, but some are accusing the restaurant of cultural appropriation for its “Korean-style” menu items.

The limited-edition menu includes a Korean-style fried chicken sandwich, white kimchi ‘slaw, nuggets and fries served with a gochujang sauce’ and a black sugar vanilla shake. With 275 locations around the world, this particular menu is only available in US stores, until 5 April.

It is the use of traditional Korean ingredient gochujang – a type of chilli paste – that is causing a stir,  with some accusing the restaurant of trying to profit from other cultures while appealing to a mass market in the easiest and most basic way possible.

One Twitter user wrote: “Very unsure how I feel about shake shack making a korean fried chicken sandwich and gochujang mayo fries. It sort of smells, kind of

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