The 10 best casual restaurants in the D.C. area

2020 was the year that I loved restaurants — and the people who run them — more than ever. They displayed in public the kind of creativity, flexibility and crisis management that usually goes on behind closed kitchen doors. Countless employees have done what no one should be forced to do: risk their lives so we could eat, so they could eat, too. The social safety net proved thin and flimsy — or worse: nonexistent — for many restaurant workers in 2020.

Restaurants also opened during the pandemic, sometimes because they could no longer afford to wait. Many more closed, their deaths painfully premature. Others went into hibernation, hoping to hunker down until a vaccine changes people’s attitudes about dining out. My nine favorite restaurants (and one pop-up) somehow found a way to remain true to their craft during what will surely be the most trying year in their existence.

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The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Celebration With These Gifts

The world consents to the circumstance; a wedded life turns out to be minimal and persistent on a level scale after certain long stretches of marriage. The explanation could be anything, yet it occurs with the greater part of the couples far and wide. Some state that duties assume control over the affection, and procuring a superior life for the family turns into the need. A few people imagine that affection disappears as couples begin to feel exhausted. 

All things considered, aside from the arranging of the festival of your wedding commemoration, you likewise need an astounding blessing thing to do the enchantment. In this way, make a point to discover a blessing that will unquestionably water the seeds of sentiment. Be smart about the sort of blessing and how it can dazzle your dear accomplice. What’s more, in the event that you battle to arrive on an ideal blessing, … Read More